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Ponified Spike

By QueenCold
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Speaks for itself. I've wanted to do this for a while now and I'm glad I finally did.
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Oh mai gah! I want one! 

In addition, it's good to see him as, the child he actually is instead of him magically being an adult, usually so he can be paired with Rarity (it's one of those pairings I hate, especially because, in this cause, it is wrong on a moral level). And you avoid the common annoyances (to me, anyway) of pony-spike looking too dragon-ish and the awkward application of the lighter green of his 'ears'/fan-things.
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Aww, look at that cutie. Though, how is his cutie mark a quill if he's an earth pony? He must be REALLY good at it, then.
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Best ponified Spike I've seen so far. Good job! :)
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Thank you! Finally! Im sorry if this sounds rude, but I was so annoyed that everytime someone ponifies Spike, he also rapidly ages to adulthood. It made no sense.
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They probably do that so that they can ship him with Rarity. That or they think he's older than he looks.
Honestly, I think he's wonderful just being himself. If he really does grow up, I'm okay with that, but otherwise he's awesome even as a baby dragon.

Same thing for all MLP in general. I appreciate it for what it is. No one should have to judge it just because it's not built for teenagers or adults.
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Any fandom will nag and nitpick, especially one as spoiled as this one. A lot of times when people complain it is justified, but a lot of times when people complain they do not realize how getting what they wanted would have made for a terrible episode. This is why one shouldn't be upset over not seeing what they want to see, but not seeing quality or effort instead. Sadly, not many bronies know that quality writing and their own wishes aren't mutually inclusive. I do have criticisms here and there, but I don't go overboard with it. I like MLP because it treats its target audience with respect -- most times, instead of feeding them crap because "they're just kids". It's disrespectful, insulting their intelligence and it teaches them that crap is good, thus they will enjoy crap for the rest of their lives. The only times I complain is when the characters serve the plot, when an epsiode is ridden with plotholes and doesn't have an entertainment value to make up for it or on the rare occasion that the writers do insult their audience's intelligence. The Breezies episode does all of these and doesn't attempt to hide it is a blatant toy commercial, which is why it is one of the very few unwatchable episodes for me.
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Undoubtedly, this is probably the best ponified Spike I've ever seen.
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now this is spikes chance to date rarity now
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oh oh now do ponified jade!
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Sorry, that'd be a request. It isn't on my to-do list anyway. There's other pictures I need to tend to right now.
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I once heard from a fanfic writer that he asked at a con if spike had the chance to become a pony would he, and the staff members said that he might want to try it for a day to see what it's like
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That was said by Cathy during the EQLA Mane 6 panel, yes.
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That would make a very interesting episode
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Let's just hope that if they do make spike into a pony that it will just be temporary
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They won't change him permanently. Not only is that sending out the wrong message, the cast implied Spike wouldn't want to be a pony forever.
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I know this a totally stupid question, but how would it be sending out a wrong message?
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It would send out the message that being different is a bad thing. One should never pursue changing oneself to feel accepted.
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