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Mommy's busy, sweetie...

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Retard Dragon bugging mom
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See what Rudeness gets you?
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Lol, that was good , poor guy that had to of hurt.
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XD!!  That's great!!
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Simple, but funny.  Love it!
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next time don't hover behind you're mom's head
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Oh, for a second there, I thought she ate him.
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Thought for a second there that he was gonna end up in her mouth, when she turned and shouted. This is probably funnier though.
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Oh dang I thought that was adagio for a sec XD
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Now, that's a crazy thought. Similar color scheme, I could see that being a thought.
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Don't interrupt mommy when she is talking.
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I don't know if he learned that, but he's definitely learned the importance of location.
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True, oh so very true. Then again you would think he would have learned that already when his parents are normally twenty three times his size anyway.
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Garble just wanted to say hi probably
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Now that is hilarious!  :XD:
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Dragon Parenting Tip: "Until your children are growing to their adult sizes, it is essential that you watch your every move. This is doubly so when they reach flying age, because now you have to deal with the chance of hurting them while they are airborne and not just on the ground."

Nice job as always!
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Thanks, and basically.
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Garble vector by kol98  -Then there's 'Never contradict your parents in public', that can be painful too.
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That tends to happen when the children are so small when compared to their parents.
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