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Little treasure

It's still Sunday in Alaska, so it counts! Happy Mother's Day!
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XD THIS IS JUST TOO CUTE! I really wish we see Garble again. You know, let us see the soft side of him, other than being a jerk all the time. XD
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They definitely cranked up his meanness in Gauntlet of Fire when there wasn't a real need for it. It went against what little established personality he had in Dragon Quest. His voice acting wasn't spot on either and some of the ham-fisted dialogue didn't help.
I still enjoyed seeing him get the brunt end of all the slapstick.
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Lol. Though, for me. I liked his character in Gaunlet of Fire. It was good, the reason why I liked it is because Spike didn't got pushed around by him. Though, I really want to see his good traits. I also want him to sing, given the fact Vincent Tong did so good at singing in "Hard to Say Anything".
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I doubt they'll give Garble a decent singing voice. They actively try to make him sound as dumb as possible. This is his purpose in the show.
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Welp, we could still hope! I mean, if there is an episode like that, let the writer be decent at handling characters.
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Even a jerk like him has his soft side.

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Am I the only one that thinks the face in the 8th panal looks better on Caldera than the red dragon from Dragonshy? :aww:
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The two have similar face shapes, but Caldera's is more feminine.
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Daaaw that was cute.
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Garble should pursue becoming an artist. Who knows, maybe he can become a sculptor using the hoarded gold and make golden statues!
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For all we know he actually does that
*leaves with some gems while they're distracted*
Ahm gone, nigga. (8/
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This is really cute.
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That was so touching :D
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Aww! Even Garble loves his momma.
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I saw

Man everyone need to stop hating on garble

You know he might just change his ways
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Awww! Mommy forgives him! Such cute! Love 
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Aaaaaaaaaw ! Do you wanna kill people with cuteness ???
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You're making me feel sad for Garble!
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and the problem with that is what?
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