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The day is imminent.

Nintendo will buy rights to MLP.....

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I don't think he would be able to see in that helmet unless it has some sort of magic that allows him to see
Hey Spike, can you even see in that thing?
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Hahahaha!!  Love it!  You've been playin' BOTW!
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What meal would he have before battle? I suggest the Mighty Simmered Fruit; 5 bananas is all you need.
If you really want stats out of your food, porgies are best. That, or two Mighty Bananas, two razorshrooms, and one Monster Extract.
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I'll keep that in mind once I get the game and a Switch myself!
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Very good one here.
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Spike's rocking that armor.
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And here, we see the prepared adventurer, ready to travel around central Hyrule.
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So many rupees to collect.
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He ate them and the koroks. All 900 of them. That's what they get.
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I cannot imagine there being 900 of those things!  :|
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You don't have to imagine, you can just go find out and receive your crappy prize.
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Are there actually 900? Because that's a lot.
QueenCold's avatar
And not worth the effort.
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That is rather absurd. I pick up a lot of the gear and weapons I find, and even I don't need that much inventory space. But you know someone's eventually going to do it. Them 100% completionists.
You only need 450 to get the max inventory. The other 450 are there as a bonus.
I mean, I've heard Hetsu has some bonus for it but honestly it can't be worth that many extra koroks. Probably just some medal of honor like what Kilton gives you for killing all of any given giant monster, but worse, because at least the monsters are worth their loot.
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I don't know how it'd be even physically possible to find them all.
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How many guardians did he have to smash to get enough parts for that giant armor??!!
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He is the guardian.

Guardian of harmony.
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