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Dragonified CMC

By QueenCold
This took forever, but finished at last!
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© 2013 - 2021 QueenCold
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You will be dragonfied.

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They look so adorable! :D
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The CMC look so adorable as little dragons!
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Dragon!Sweetie Belle: "Aww, thank you!"

Dragon!Applebloom: "Hey, let's make him out first captive! Dragons need those, right?"

Dragon!Scootaloo: "You're gonna clean our claws for the rest of your life, buddy! GET HIM!"

(Better run! :lol:)
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Nah, if they're hatchlings they're still little. You could scoop them up and cuddle them. Provided they don't breathe fire.
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"You could scoop them up and cuddle them."

Dragon!Rarity: (Big as a castle) "UNHAND MY SISTER, TINY PEST!"
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That'd be any big sister/mother dragon when they see some grubby humanoid pawing at a hatchling.
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Better hope you can beg them to let the hatchling keep you as a pet, otherwise you're lunch.
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Which brings up the idea of Dragon-Mom and Dad letting their kid keep the "pet" in bed with them. Which leads to:

[Night in the Dragonlands. The lairs are dark and silent save for the thunderous snores of slumbering dragons -- and in one, a human figure creeping towards the exit.]

Pet Human: [Quietly] "Okay... Just a few more feet and I'm home free from these cotton-pickin' consarned crazy dragons." [He freezes as something grabs his leg. Looks and sees the hatchling whose 'pet' he is.]

Hatchling: "Pet no run away! Pet stay!"

Pet Human: "Yes, pet WILL run away! Get back to bed, ya little -- " [Freezes as mother dragon growls in her sleep.] "Uh, ya little angel."

Hatchling: "Pet come back to bed and keep me warm RIGHT NOW or hatchling cry head off and wake up mommy! Mommy get CRANKY when wakes up in middle of night!"

Pet Human: [Sweating] "Ya wouldn't dare. Anyhow, I'm leaving!" [Turns to go]

Hatchling: [Inhales deeply, chest expanding like a bullfrog until they let out a scream that echoes across the Dragonlands] "MOMMY! PET IS RUNNING AWAY! AND I WON'T STOP CRYING UNTIL YOU STOP HIM!"

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This looks great. I also like the concept.
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I didn't know I needed this.
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Somehow, Scootaloo looks natural as a dragon. :)
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Same thing stood out to me.
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CmC dragons ! yay !
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Spike will be happy.
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Dragon Bloom is so cute ^3^!
Scootadragon. Sweet Celestia she is adorable.
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Very cute! It would be fun to see a species-swap episode like this. Cutie Mark Crusaders becoming dragons and Spike becoming a pony, through some magic- or potion-related mishap. How cool would that be?

P.S. It's nice to see this drawing getting some proper recognition, even if a couple years late :p
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It's kinda funny to me that this drawing got featured twice on EqD.
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Sweetie Belle dragon! SO CUTE!
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Thanks! I continue to work on improving my art.
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Well Scoot is missing her ears, other then that great as usual!
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