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Draconian misunderstanding

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"Did my widdle man not get to be da ruwer of da dwagons?"
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His mom's the only one not hating
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moms are neva haters!
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Her and the happiest of dragons.
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Spike and Ember REALLY need to stop hating
QueenCold's avatar
Does Ember even hate? We've only ever seen the two in a competitive setting.
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<3 I never thought I would say this but...Garble is cute
Benthehyena's avatar
At least hugging your mom is not weird for both of you... and she loves that !
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Mooooooooooooooom! This isn't what you think. Angry emoticon 
Is it really a misunderstanding, though? Or is it just something he wouldn't be communicating if he didn't have to?
kabhes's avatar
hes hugging because spike told him to do so remember, not because he lost
Just because Spike ordered him to do it doesn't mean it's never something he secretly wants to do.
kabhes's avatar
ye and why does he know what a hug is and other dragons not?
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
I'm laughing so hard right now. :D
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Lol that's funny how it worked out.
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The look on Garble's face there at the end.

thoughts of fire and smoldering pony homes go rampaging through his head
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And what army? 
Wisdom-Thumbs's avatar
The one behind you.

madeyoulook *puff of smoke*
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DAAAWWW!!! Even bullies need love
QueenCold's avatar
Especially bullies
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