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[FNaF 6] The Best Friends by QueenCelina33 [FNaF 6] The Best Friends :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 6 0
BATIM Drabble: Flu Shot
Author's Note: Hey, guys! Man, it's been a bit since I've written a drabble, huh? Well, I came up with this one because of me getting my flu shot a while back.
This one takes place in the main part of my AU, over three years after "Drowned in Ink."
Enjoy, and warning for needles!
Henry fidgeted with his hands as he sat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. He had Linda sitting on one side of him, Boris on the other as Bendy and Alice drew on some papers on a small table. The animator had a few beads of sweat rolling down his forehead as he sat there, apprehension on his face.
It was the middle of the winter season, and despite none of the humans in the Stein household getting sick, only Linda and Ally had gotten their flu shots. Henry has refused to do so when the season began, saying he would be just fine. However, everyone, including his friends at the studio, had insisted that the man get his shot so he didn’t get sick. For a reason no one
:iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 2 0
[FNaF: SL] Funtime Lovers Picnic by QueenCelina33 [FNaF: SL] Funtime Lovers Picnic :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 4 0 [Overwatch] Bombs Away! by QueenCelina33 [Overwatch] Bombs Away! :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 6 0 [Setson-Town] NPC-Beatrice by QueenCelina33 [Setson-Town] NPC-Beatrice :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 2 0 [Setson-Town] NPC-Cassiopia by QueenCelina33 [Setson-Town] NPC-Cassiopia :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 2 0 [Setson-Town] NPC-Nadia by QueenCelina33 [Setson-Town] NPC-Nadia :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 1 0 [BATIM] Bouncy Linda Pixel by QueenCelina33 [BATIM] Bouncy Linda Pixel :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 0 0 [Creaturae-Kingdom] Elvia, No by QueenCelina33 [Creaturae-Kingdom] Elvia, No :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 3 4 [BATIM] Betty Doodle Dump by QueenCelina33 [BATIM] Betty Doodle Dump :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 5 0 Setson-Town NPC-Zoey by QueenCelina33 Setson-Town NPC-Zoey :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 2 0 Setson-Town NPC-Bellisa by QueenCelina33 Setson-Town NPC-Bellisa :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 2 0 Aermerea Art Exchange-Leanna by QueenCelina33 Aermerea Art Exchange-Leanna :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 7 2 Setson-Town NPC-Mintie by QueenCelina33 Setson-Town NPC-Mintie :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 1 0 Bouncy Bertrum Pixel by QueenCelina33 Bouncy Bertrum Pixel :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 1 0 Setson-Town NPC-May-May by QueenCelina33 Setson-Town NPC-May-May :iconqueencelina33:QueenCelina33 2 0

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Welcome to my Page!

Tiny Inkwell Divider by QueenCelina33
Hello, there, the name's Celina! I'm a self taught artist just drawing comics and OCs. I started out drawing Minecraft comics and a Minecraft ask blog on Tumblr, and now I'm working on developing my style and making fancomics and stuff with my OCs. I have a group on here dedicated to my original world, Creaturae and the characters that live within it. I also draw a lot of fandom stuff! My current fandoms:
F2U | Smol Peach Bullet - Pink by ProfileDecor Bendy and the Ink Machine
F2U | Smol Peach Bullet - Pink by ProfileDecor Fallout
F2U | Smol Peach Bullet - Pink by ProfileDecor Five Nights at Freddy's
F2U | Smol Peach Bullet - Pink by ProfileDecor Overwatch
F2U | Smol Peach Bullet - Pink by ProfileDecor Steven Universe
I do mostly traditional art, but I also do some digital art, along with the occasional writing and SFM posters. I hope you enjoy my page and feel free to check out my commission prices if you'd like some art from me. Now have some stamps!

TEAM TEA 2018 by artyfight
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Hey, everyone! I was listening to a bunch of FNaF songs about a week ago, just because I haven't in a while and wanted to draw some FNaF, and I got to thinking about the timeline. I know FNaF isn't super popular right now, but I still really love the games and story. So, I've been looking at the timeline and all the clues we see within the games that hint to what times the games take place in and which comes before and after which. So, this is my take on the Five Nights at Freddy's timeline!
Please note that this is not set in stone, this is just what I think from what I can find in the games!
Note that there's lots of spoilers in here!
So, let's get to it!
Tiny Inkwell Divider by QueenCelina33

Five Nights at Freddy's 4: The beginning of the Fazbear Franchise

So, a lot of people, including myself, believe that the first game in the timeline is FNaF 4. How so? Well, I explained a lot of why I think this in this journal, where I theorized why this game comes first and what happens in the last cutscene of the game. Let me recap a little bit of what I said.
The phone guy, at one point in the series, says that there was once a place called "Fredbear's Family Diner," which is where the fourth game's cutscenes take place. A lot of people said that that is where the Bite of '87 took place, but with things I found in the game, I theorized that this is the incident that got the diner shut down. I also said in that journal that, after the incident with the child in the fourth game, they decided to make new animatronics based off of a TV show that featured Freddy and the animatronics we know from the first game. If you want to see more of that theory, you can read the journal.
But basically, the injuries that the child sustained from Fredbear were too great and he was kept alive as long as possible, but eventually died. After this incident, the diner was shut down. Not too long after, Fazbear Entertainment decided to buy the diner and reopen it, making it bigger and better. However, they knew that they couldn’t put Fredbear and Spring Bonnie back into business because of the fear and association with the death of that child. So, what did they do?
They decided to make real animatronics out of the characters in “Fredbear & Friends,” and throw Golden Freddy and Springtrap into the back, never to be seen again.

The missing Freddy Fazbear's

: The murders of the children</h2>
Now, you might think that, after the incident of Fredbear's Family Diner, this is where the first game comes in. However, I would have the disagree. Why, you may ask? Well, look at the models of Freddy and his friends in the second game compared the ones of the first game. Let's take Freddy, as an example. Here is his model from FNaF 2:

And look at his model in the first game:

As you can see, there are vast differences between the two models. Some people might think this is because of the quality and changes of the games, but I think this might be intentional. I think, personally, the model from the second game is not from the first game's restaurant. I think it's from a diner that came before the second game and after the first game; the very first Freddy Fazbear's. I think that the models from the second game were Freddy and friends' early designs. 
Now, why is this restaurant important?
It's where the children were murdered by William Afton.
(FYI, William Afton is Purple Guy/the killer's actual name, he was one of the original Fazbear franchise founders. There's more about him in the FNaF books.)
How do we know this? Remember the puppet minigame from FNaF 2? Remember how they stuff the children into the animatronics in that minigame? From what I can tell, this is where the children were murdered. I would need more proof, but for the sake of the theory, this is what I believe.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2: The discovery of the murders

Now, FNaF 2 takes place in 1987, which we discover from Jeremy's check at the end of the first five nights. At this point, the first Freddy Fazbear's has been shut down and a new one has taken its place. The animatronics have been redesigned into the toy versions while the old ones have been thrown into the back and shut down... or so we thought. Being from the restaurant where the children were murdered, they are haunted and still contain the bodies within, and are coming after the night guard, possibly trying to get back at what they think is their killer.
In Phone Guy's last call, he says that the guard, Jeremy, isn't supposed to be there, as the restaurant is being closed down to someone using one of the suits, "A yellow one." This is when one of two things happens:
1. The murdered children are found and their murder is discovered, or
2. More children are killed by Afton and they are found and Golden Freddy, the suit used, it also discovered.
We don't know for sure which of these things happened, but we know that something like this happened and this is what gets the second game's restaurant shut down. Now, we move onto 30 years later.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3: Justice served

Now, you might be telling me that FNaF 3 doesn't fit into the timeline because, supposedly, William Afton is who we play as in Sister Location. However, I will cover that when we get to Sister Location.
We know from the minigames in this game that the children gave Afton what he deserved. If you play all the secret mingames by doing what is required for each one on each night, and you find the secret ways to get to the children of each minigame, you can give them cakes. In the last secret minigame, the happiest day minigame, if you've done everything right, there will be children with masks of the animatronics at the end of the level. If you did everything right, they will disappear, the masks will fall, a balloons will float up. This is foreshadowing what happens to the children. After Afton jumps into Springtrap and gets springlocked, the children disappear and the good ending happens if you've done everything right.
This all takes place after the shutdown of the Freddy Fazbear's from the first game. This one was shutdown for an unknown reason, perhaps because of the association with the murders from the first restaurant.
Now, shall we move onto Sister Location?

Sister Location: Michael's search for William

Now, there's big important part of this before I get to how this game connects to the others. If you complete the minigame with Baby in the right way, by feeding all the children cupcakes (which you can see how to do online), you get an ice cream cone before the end of the level. If you manage to take it back to the beginning, a small cutscene plays where a girl attempts to get to the ice cream before a claw comes out of baby and snatches her up. What does all this mean? It's the death of William's daughter, Elizabeth. If you've read the books, you know who she is already. But basically, in each of those little dialogue things before each night in SL, you can hear a girl who wants to go play with Baby. This is Elizabeth, who eventually gets too close to Baby and gets killed. This is important for the sixth game and the reason you get scooped in night five.
Basically, Elizabeth is possessing Baby, and when she takes apart the other SL animatronics and makes Ennard, it's her trying to use your character to try and get out of the underground facility. That's why you can hear a little girl talking to you in the secret level.
Now, you might be asking, "Who's Michael?" Well, he's the son of William Afton that you meet in the books. Sister Location is where a lot of the books and the game tie together. Now, we know what basically happens in this game's main five nights. However, it's what happens in the custom night that connects the books and the main timeline, making way for the next game.
We know that someone comes into the place. Because of theories like MatPat's main SL theory, we all thought it was William Afton, making the events of FNaF 3 non-canonical. However, this isn't true. How do we know?
If you've played the custom night of Sister Location, you know that after each one, a purple man is seen walking out of the place and slowly decaying and becoming more like a corpse until Ennard is expelled from his innards. We all thought this was William. But!
But if you beat the 10/20 mode of SL's custom night, you get a cutscene where you can hear someone talking about how the animatronics thought they were this person's father. But it was him. And we can hear him saying that he's going to find his father. Then, Springtrap is shown. This means that FNaF 3 is canon, and the person looking for his father... is Michael.
If you want to see this cutscene, check out Markiplier's last video for the SL custom night, which you can find here.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator: The end of the Fazbear Franchise

Now, you might wonder how FNaF 6, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator fits into all this. Well, I'll tell you.
It comes at the end of the timeline, after Sister Location. We know this because Baby, Funtime Freddy, and Springtrap come into here. If you've played it and gotten the good ending, you know what happens. For those who don't here's basically what goes on.
If you get the good ending, there will be someone who talks to you, someone named Henry. If you've read the books, you know that Henry is one of the original Fazbear Franchise founders, William's business partner and the creator of the animatronics. He basically finds out about the murders and how the children were trapped in the animatronics of his creation by his old business partner, and that he made the restaurant in the sixth game to trap the animatronics, specifically the Marionette, who is trapped inside of Lefty. (Proof of this can found in a secret image that sometimes appears, showing Lefty in an alleyway with part of the puppet visible in their arms.) He made the place in the sixth game to trap the puppet, who hold his daughter, Charlie inside of it. If you've read the books, you already know this.
He says he also made the place to trap William and the other animatronics and set the children free and send William into the darkest pits of hell for his crimes. If you want to read the whole tape, you can read it on the FNaF 6 wiki, here.
So, it all ends with this. The children are freed, William is sent to the hell of the Ultimate Custom Night, and the Fazbear franchise ends. Everything ends in a fire that sends the one who started this whole thing into the deepest pits of hell, and everything ends here. As Henry says, this is where it ends for all of them.
Tiny Inkwell Divider by QueenCelina33
If you read this all the way through, thank you so much! I worked really hard on it and I hope you like it!
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That feeling when you embarrass yourself so bad you start crying in front of your parents.
Okay, but guys, I had a thought.
Celina's mother was actually a celestial being who broke the mold and fell in love with a human. She had several children and her last child, Celina, was made when she gave up her form. If the celestials found out about Celina, they'll probably try to take her to live with them and she'll have to figure out how to change them.
It's very similar to Steven's situation with Pink Diamond and the other Diamonds.
So I had a thought:
Celina, being on the world of the celestials, dressed up and without her friends or family, singing "Familiar" from Steven Universe. :0
Look, I have nothing against FNaF groups, but please, don't invite me to one if it has FNaF NSFW. I DO NOT like FNaF NSFW and will not join groups with it.
*Sees that non core member can have up to three groups*
*Thinks about that Animal Crossing group I've been wanting to make*
If I added miniatures (like dollhouse foods and tiny accessories made from polymer clay) to my commissions sometime in the future, would any of you guys order some or know someone who would be interested in ordering some? :0c

Would any of you guys be interested in more FlutterBow Adopts? Maybe some Valentine's Day themed ones? 

5 deviants said That sounds good!
3 deviants said Do what makes you happy, my dude!
No deviants said No, thank you.



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