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I Kill You

SUPER EPIC PHOTOGRATHER and grade by :iconpireze:
Check out more of his talent here (SO much awesome): [link]
Dark Phoenix made and worn by :iconqueencattabby:

Oh this was a fun shoot indeed:
- Awesomely talented photographers
- So many wonderfully attractive people in oh so tight lycra
- FAR too much sweating in the oh so tight lyrca
- A school excursion filled with rather perverted young boys... with camera's... who seemed to enjoy the oh so tight lyrca...
- The male model underwear shoot that was happening just over the hill.... yessssssss....
- Funky mist being funky

I love this shot oh so bad, :iconpireze:, you're a genius - thank you thank you! I think you captured the craziness to perfection! I'm really into the bad/sexy/crazy female characters at the moment... There will be more to come - you have been warned ^-^

Just wait till you see everyone elses pics! And and and for those who want more... A VIDEO! The most lovely :iconhoukiboshi: filmed us the day of the shoot - check out the preview here:

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Gorgeous pic! So dangerous...

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Queencattaby as the modeling "Dark Phoenix" from the X-MEN Marvel Universe. X-MEN Marvel fans. If you any of you haven'r read the comics. "The Phoenix" is a cosmic deity goddess who chose the vessel of X-MEN member Jean Grey. "Phoenix" also, had a dark side that she had to control and "Dark Phoenix" is ruthless, evil, and destructive. Totally opposite of her good side.
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Great work!All of us love your pic very much and it is shared our website "zentaiflickr" because you have a chance to win a free prize if you get the most "likes" from others.
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very spectacular!
queencattabby's avatar
My photographer has a talent for making people look epic :)
Thank you so much!
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Wow! This looks epic. Great job ^^.
queencattabby's avatar
YAY :D Thank you so very very much!!
Sephirayne's avatar
You're welcome :)
You’re creeping me out XD
Excellent costume and nice shot
queencattabby's avatar
YES! That was the plan - I love the kick ass evil badguys/girls :)
Thank you thank you!
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You`re featured here: [link]
I hope you will be happy about :iconjoyplz:

best wishes :kiss:

Jassy :iconcuteflowerplz:
queencattabby's avatar
Am I happy? VERY happy! Thank you so much it's an honor! You are MORE than welcome to feature my stuff any time you like :) THANK YOU!
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:iconflowerplz: for you :hug:sssssssssssss
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This shot is so epic...! You look great!
queencattabby's avatar
Thank you thank you!
Such an awesome character I had to cosplay her!
620brown's avatar
What a way to go.
queencattabby's avatar
Thank you so very very much :)
620brown's avatar
Love your cosplay images, do you take image requests with your cosplay outfits?
queencattabby's avatar
Yes please suggest away :) I'm always looking for new costume inspiration! Thank you so much :D
620brown's avatar
Well, if you take a look at my gallery you'll get an idea of what I would like to see.
queencattabby's avatar
:) Wonderwoman is on my list! I don't know when or where but I have to make that costume!
Chris-MJF-Fan23's avatar
Queencattaby. You would look fantastic as Wonder Woman:the Amazon Princess. Israeli actress Gal Gadot is playing her in "Batman v Superman:Dawn Of Justice", "Wonder Woman movie", and "Justice League Part One", and, and "Justice League Part Two". Have you seen gal Gadot's "Wonder Woman" outfit for the upcoming DC films she's in cutie? Check them out Gal Gadot is hot in every last one of them. Oh, she will also, appear in the films as "Diana Prince" her alterego and she looks great in her modeling Geogio Armani female outfits. Gal Gadot can dress. There Is nothing  she doesn't look good in. Mmmmmmmm What a woman.
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Well, I wasn't talking about you being in a Wonder Woman outfit, as a matter of fact I love the Phoenix outfit you have on, and if possible I would like to see your version of Phoenix pretending to be asleep, or unconscious.
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