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When I first saw this, I was immediately drawn to the colours. There is a sense of nostaglia being depicted well in this artwork and th...

What I really like about this drawing is the shading. The technique of shading, especially on the subject's, face appeals to me the mos...

This is a simple yet a fantastic drawing of an apple! The technique has been done well to the point the texture of the apple looks real...

This is a fantastic photograph! There is a sense of tranquillity in this piece. The colours look highly beautiful and permit the audien...

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Greetings, everyone! :) (Smile) 

The 8th of March this year marked my first anniversary here on Deviantart. I cannot believe that it's already been one year since I first joined Deviantart for the very first time. Words cannot simply express how grateful I am to be part of the Deviantart community as it is full of talented and amazing individuals.

I decided to sign up on Deviantart as I wanted to showcase my artworks to a wider audience. I remember that 'The Thorns of a Rose' was my first ever Deviant published and, to be honest, I kind of want to delete that Deviant now as I find that drawing to be cringe worthy. After all, I did produce that drawing when I was around 14 and it was produced during the time where I wasn't taking art seriously.

The first few months into Deviantart wasn't going too well for me as I was lacking ideas and motivation to create art as well as finding it cumbersome to discover artists. So basically, I wasn't frequently active on Deviantart in March, April, May, June and half of July last year. I was overwhelmed.

However, I decided to get back onto Deviantart around mid-July and promised myself to start gaining inspiration and ideas in order to start producing more and more artworks. I then commenced discovering more artists by discovering them through artists I was previously watching as well as using the search bar to my advantage. I was totally blown away by the amount of talent there was present on Deviantart. From drawings to digital art, from to photography to paintings, I was highly impressed by the Deviantart community. I also permitted books, film, music and famous artworks to influence me. It was because of these that I was highly inspired and motivated to start producing more artworks. I discovered that I was capable of producing a variety of art forms, which made me feel highly confident and elated. Instead of just creating drawings and rock paintings, I realised that I was interested and capable of making digital art (typographies and wallpapers) and capturing man-made and natural environments through photography.

As I was supporting a lot of artists by favouriting their works, providing them with feedback and following them, I myself was gaining a lot of watchers and support on my gallery. This was making me feel confident and joyful to a large extent.

Days had turned into weeks, weeks had turned into months and eventually, months had transformed into a year. I have met a lot of wonderful individuals here on Deviantart, a lot who have supported me so much. Time flew by as I was vastly enjoying my time here on this amazing social platform.

Last but not least, I am going to display in this journal my top 10 favourite artworks created by me. I think doing this is a fabulous idea in order for me to not feel self-conscious about my artistic talents. Appreciating your talent this way is not bragging, everyone! It just shows that you admire the things you do in a genuine and humble way.

    1.        Mikhail Baryshnikov Eye Drawing  by QueenBea-1610

This is my drawing of Mikhail Baryshnikov's eye. :) (Smile) 

2. Twiggy Black and White Drawing  by QueenBea-1610

This is my drawing of Twiggy. :) (Smile) 

3. Poe Dameron Wallpaper  by QueenBea-1610

This is my wallpaper of Poe Dameron. :) (Smile) 

4. Rome ( Filtered + Framed)  by QueenBea-1610

This is my photograph of Rome. :) (Smile) 

5. Paris ( Filtered + Framed)  by QueenBea-1610

This is my photograph of Paris. :) (Smile) 

6. The Beatles Wallpaper ( new version)  by QueenBea-1610

This is my wallpaper of The Beatles. :) (Smile) 

7. Darth Vader Wallpaper  by QueenBea-1610

This is my wallpaper of Darth Vader. :) (Smile) 

8. Twiggy Eyes Drawing  by QueenBea-1610

This is my drawing of Twiggy's eyes. :) (Smile) 

9. The Beatles Typography  by QueenBea-1610
This is my typography of The Beatles. :) (Smile) 

10. Little Richard Typography  by QueenBea-1610

This is my typography of Little Richard. :) (Smile) 

Thank you, Deviantart, for everything you've done! I look forward to being part of the Deviantart community for many more years to come. 


Aimee. :) (Smile) Hug :happybounce: Clap 


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Colossal fan of the music, culture, fashion, celebrities etc. from the:

I love producing drawings, rock paintings, wallpapers, my own fashion magazine covers, text-based art, photography, stories and poems.

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Loch Leathan (seen from the Old Man of Storr) by rollarius55
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