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So as I think people can see lately I've been doing more real life painting. Fine art is my usual media I've just decided to start putting it up more here on deviant art to share with some of my followers instead of just my little pony, Pokémon, and Beetlejuice cartoon stuff. I don't really know why I haven't put my fine art on deviantart till now I think it's mostly for the fact that people look for the latter more. Not sure. But I try to do cartoons and my stuff usually falls flat,  (I think) mostly because I don't do digital art often. Anyways,  Followers you're going to see a big shift in my work. I'm about to be in a gallery I'm trying to branch out and sell some stuff to pay for my computer science degree. Also yeah I'm a big nerd who loves algorithms and math and code and that's why I'm not constantly producing art for everyone. Priorities gotta love em'.

-Pants 👖
I need a better camera.... anyways thought I'd give you all some stuff to look at. I've been busy with a lawsuit, work, school, and recovering from some injuries I sustained last year. Hope you all enjoy. I have more stuff to post, and share. Two plushes in particular I'd like to share. I'm in the middle of one pony for a friend yet another Fluttershy.  
I'm now accepting commissions.

-hand drawn pencil work $20
-hand painted work small $30
-hand painted work medium $40
-digital art $40
-plushes - please message
-costom pony - please message
Fluttershy sold for $35 I fell pathetic. I rather keep her for $35. uhg. I'm heartbroken.
So I've got a Pinkie Pie on the way and so far I have two ponies for sale.

-views: 1151
-watchers: 7
-bids: 0
-Time Left: 3days 19hours

Nightmare Moon…
-views: 42
-watchers: 2
- bids: 0
- Time left: 6days 15hours

Pinkie pie is a brand new design idea: completely original, super cute, soft, velour fabric. The previous ponies were made with polyester. So far I've had to dye both Pinkie pie's mane and coat. I will post pictures when she starts looking like a pony.  Oh yeah I made her eyes too, out of hand made buttons, you'll see. So far she's looking great. I had one attempt already on her head shape but design #1 didn't work out. Design #2 seems to be the right look. Design # 2 is designed off some of the stitch lines I created to make nightmares head. Anyways, goodnight and good day every pony. Pictures and updates to come.
silverskystrike thank you for the llama badge. I have no idea what they are for but it's pretty cool, and ironic.

Story being my little sister had a llama fan club back in middle school. Why? not sure. I think this was right before llamas got cool because my sister is a big geek, like band nerd, stays out too late because she got carried away with coloring in coloring books with friends,  braces, good grades, and only ever had one boyfriend (so far) geek. Anyways she had this very pointless fan club where they had meetings and everything and didn't do anything really. Just said llamas where cool and searched for llama things. on her 11'th birthday her friend made her a birthday card that said turning llama. har, de, har, har. Anyways. That was the extent of what they did I did research and found some charity that buys people in south america a llama so they have wool, cheese, and milk. She and her friends didn't try to raise i think it was like 30 dollars to buy them a llama because they wouldn't receive it and it was a really an excuse to spend time with her friends, which is fine. I find it funny. Anyways thank you for the llama badge hopefully someone will enjoy the dorky story. I'm going to tell my sister.
Yeah! finally. she was do to be finished two days ago but my old printer decided it would be a great idea to suddenly forget to know how to use it's color. (idiot). so after a few hours of troubleshooting and re-installing the drivers. I bought a new one, so thank you Target for having cheap printers. Anyways. I will be posting Fluttershy on ebay shortly. I'm going to hit up other forums to get some more hype.

However I am getting fond of her. She looks so cute next to Nightmare. Please tell me which eyes do you like better? Fluttershy's or Nightmare's? not that it matters.
hey bronies and fellow bridlemaids, Sorry for the recent sluggishness of my updates. I've been busy making a pain in the ass nightmare moon plush. She will be posted within the week and after her debut. I will be posting fluttershy plush on ebay.

So keep checking my page throughout the week. later today I'll post pictures of, nightmare moon.  She's looking awesome. Also I have new pony plush designs that should be appearing in the near future. If you all would like I can set up an etsy and sell the new pattern after my first few ponies are released. I'll also be selling spikes (no pattern designed yet). I do have some bronies that I've made that I can post here. so far I only sold one on ebay for a mere 1.00. :'( (cus no one loved me). I'll post them this week also.

so you all should friend me because I'm cool, and talented, and I like ponies.

more updates to come.
Queen Anneka