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OC Prince Poppycock my little pony by QueenAnneka OC Prince Poppycock my little pony by QueenAnneka
Prince Poppycock, in some fabulous clothes. Concept taken after the america's got talent guy Prince Poppycock.

He's the brother to Celestia and Luna, he's the true Aristocrat of the family. while Celestia and Luna control the tides of the sun and moon. He takes care of the family's Royal affairs. He's the socialite of the family. Celestia has a general distaste for his arrogance, and demeanor, in the public eye. One can say she's embraced by her brother's ways, but It goes much deeper. She loves her brother dearly, but has troubles letting these feeling shine though, and she ends up acting out on her jealousy towards her brother. He's generally not invited to affairs held withing the castle.

Luna enjoys her brothers extravagant and big personality. They're close and enjoy each others personality. Luna brings out the worst in Poppycock's arrogance and fun loving behavior.

Poppycock distances his self from Celstia and hasn't seen either of his sisters since Celstia banished Luna to the moon. Ponies have forgotten his royal heritage do to his absence from the castle's spotlight. However he's the true ruler of the country side however Celestia has the limelight. /: ).

So lets just say there is a reason Celstia needed twilight and the gang to control the elements of harmony. And a reason why twilight was chosen.
Zaloffshat Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
Oh my! He looks GREAT as a pony! Can I pet him?
QueenAnneka Featured By Owner May 7, 2012
Thank you. :)and yes you can pet him just don't touch the mane.
Zaloffshat Featured By Owner May 11, 2012
You're welcome! I know better not to touch the mane!
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