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He is MY hero!




Pendiente por el momento, intenta leer la parte en inglés aunque esté muy mal escrita.


Short story because of lacking of time: i wanted to draw something comic or humorous about Zelda being jealous with Link, why? Because, in the context of this draw, Link is so noble and so gentle that he doesn't know how to say "no" in a proper way that everyone could understand "Okay, okay, i'll leave you alone", Malon, Midna and Wii Fit trainer didn't understanded his words, so what they did? They started to harass Link, you know, because "they like him", at least in the context of this draw. Link and Princess Zelda -both: OoT and TP- are a happy couple, and Zelda isn't really a jealous woman, the problem is, because Link can't be "mean" over girls to say "Get lost!" he wasn't capable of maintain the other girls faraway from him. Because of this situation, Zelda decided to act by herself, what she did? She started to slap the other girls in order to force them to understand that Link has a gilfriend and, obviously, Link saw those scenes... obviously he started to shit bricks when he saw Zelda giving him a death glance!

Yep, before you start to hate me because i add Midna and Malon, probably one of your favourites girls with Link, in this draw being slapped by Zelda, first try to take it with humor.

Even if THIS IS an ANTI-MidnaxLink, MalonxLink and WiiFitxLink, this draw ISN'T a bashing over those characers. Even if I HATE WITH ALL MY SOUL Midna and Malon, i'm not that class of person that draws or tempt to bash characters... i prefer to see those bashing by other people and to laugh, but i don't like to draw bashing, isn't interesting, i prefer context, and drawing Midna and Malon requires to see images of those characters and... ah... nah.

I mean, i don't like Midna, I don't like Malon, but i'm NEVER going to bash them, i just wanted to draw something humoristic, of course! just see Link's face! He's totally scared about Zeld's attitude!

Oh well, i hope you take this as an humoristic draw even if i don't like those pairings more than a bash, because ISN'T a bashing.

Oh, oh, yeah, why i added Wii Fit trainer girl? Because i've ALREADY had seen at least one hentai draw of her with Link... i mean WHAT?!... so i prefer to be careful~ and to be honest i wanted to added Samus, but i was too lazy to draw another panel.

Again, take this as an humoristic draw, please, i don't want people trying to kill me because i made Zelda slapping Malon and Midna, if you browse over internet you would see a tons drawings of Midna or Malon making fun of Zelda or even bashing her, even Link! but i don't see anything about those draw, i just proceed searching for my ZeLink pictures!

Take care! And sorry for no explain this a little more, i was LACK on time!

Color- :iconqueen-zelda:
Lineart- :iconqueen-zelda:
Base- A couple of mixed images (later link to reference)

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The Wii Fit girl (c) ... Wii Fit?/Nintendo
Malon and Princess Zelda (c) The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time/Nintendo
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Zelda: Link is not crazy. HE! IS! MY! HERO!