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Ship: Add x Aisha (DE x DW)
Genre: Romance/Drama
Notes: "---" stands for time skips and the entire story will be focusing on how the two people felt. In other words this focuses on character development! Also I'm a horrible writer so.. Please don't hurt me I'm an innocent fairy of the forest ;A;


You... Were annoying, noisy and a nuisance...

"Hey! You should really stop acting like a crazy loner on the side of the streets! If you keep going on like that you might as well be left behind!" Aisha said, running towards a monster for a ready attack. Tch. Stupid magic... It doesn't exist. I know it.

"As if I care..!" I proclaimed, asking the girl to shut up...


But of course things were soon to change...

"Hey Add!" She called, as I turned to look at her, I noticed a lot of things changed between me and her... She surprisingly became more friendly and a little less annoying, but just a little. "What did I tell you before?" She puts her hands on her hips and continued. "Stop trying to leave us alone! We're you're friends and we're not gonna let you leave so easily!" She dragged me along the road, bringing me back to the god-forsaken party...

What is up with her..? And since when did she care..?She's lying isn't she? But why do I feel a little... Happy...?


From then on there... I knew I had to start staying away... And she should have known that... no matter how much she tried... The time will come when I will have to leave...

Everyone tried to stop me from leaving and they even tried to stop me by fighting with me, but of course... To no avail... Everyone already lost, but luckily for them I just made them unconscious.

"A-Add..." She tries to reach out to me, but with no hesitation I left...


But my disappearance and hard work had all been thrown into the trash... Everything that was left now was only my undying regret... And yet.. Despite all that..

"Add...?" She came... Looking even more different than she did before... "It's alright..."

"Go away..."

"I wanna help... Even if my existence would be my payment..."

"It won't work... We'll just be thrown to another time-space and if we did... We'll be stuck in a never ending time loop."

"Then let's go through that together..."

"I don't need you..."

"Then I'll follow you."

"Do what you must..."


You were truly the only one who stayed by my side...



"Where will we be going next?"

"Who knows..." She held my hand, walking with me in this endless ride.


You were weird and a little creepy, not to mention your obsession was very annoying...

"Idiot! Can you just leave me alone!?" He said trying to threaten me.

"It's Aisha! A-I-S-H-A! And why should I? You're being a loner again and everybody else would think you're evil if you continue! So in that case, I'll be following you!" I said, .


But as they say people do change..

"Idiot, why do you even bother talking with me?" He asked, looking as gloomy as ever, but I he started avoiding us even more...

"It's Aisha, remember that! And to answer your question it's because I don't think you're so bad! And besides, you're becoming more distant and I don't want you to be lonely!" I smiled and giggled a little, watching him carefully working and sorting things out.


I had a feeling you'd leave me soon... but I didn't think it would happen... I guess all the fun and games do come to an end...

"I'm sorry..." After leaving us all fainted to the ground I tried reaching out to him, but I couldn't... Add... You still haven't called me by my name...

After you left Rena woke me up and you weren't there anymore... "Rena! Where's Add!?" I asked, desperately looking for you.

But then... "Who's... Add..?" I couldn't believe it... You were really gone...


I wanted to look for you... I didn't know what drove me into becoming desperate for your existence, but... when I finally found you... You were really sad... And yet despite all that...

"What do you want?" He coldly said, but I still tried talking to him.



I still wanted to stay by your side...


"After all this time.. What is it?"

"You still haven't answered me properly..."

"Answer what?"

"Why do you want to even bother talking with me?"

"Haha! Who knows?" He held my hand, I had a feeling he knew what my actual answer was and rushed me to this endless ride.
Okay this is a thing I submitted for the Elsword FanFic competition
but since I lost I might as well post it here right? XDD


The photo I used is a photo I edited of DW and DE's skill cut in images!
So basically I own nothing, but the writing!


(c) Add and Aisha, Elsword, KoG
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vivian87 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yesh! I love dishh stuff xD
queen-val Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Oh and I don't know if you remember, but you and Mira-san-I believe-accepted me as a fellow Sleeping Sheep member. I was just wondering if I could join the community in DeviantArt. And then hopefully post up art through the community, of course with permission first! Because right now it says it can't let anymore people join.
queen-val Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Of course I remember Mira! We're still in touch after all~

deviantART is free for all, so of course you can~
but to name it under Sleeping Sheep it'll have to go through a few uhm... terms..?

How do I say this?


1- It could be easily named under Sleeping Sheep if it was a collaboration between members,
since the members can agree whether or not they'd want to name it under Sleeping Sheep.

2-If it's gonna be only done by ONE member with a different team then it'll highly depend on the content.

3- If the work was done with me and I happen to like the idea then it'll be under Sleeping Sheep
of course under the team's consent. Team meaning it could be with me and Sleeping Sheep members
or me and a bunch of freelancers.

Right now we're only doing Elsword related fan things, but in the future
I have plans on actually making it an original content producing group
as well as keeping our routes with producing fan made things.

Kinda like with how publishing companies go y'know?

For example Elsword and Closers' publisher is Nexon HOWEVER their developers are COMPLETELY different.
Elsword being developed by KoG' Games and Closers being developed by Naddic Games.

So basically we can become like uhm.. sorta like a publishing group.
Like you and Mira can literally produce anything with a team outside of Sleeping Sheep,
but I'll have to see if we can put it under Sleeping Sheep or not.

SORRY IF THIS SEEMS BOSSY QAQQQ I'm a flexible person though, so really
if it's original content like ORIGINAL not fan made and done by a smol group
(meaning like how manga is made. one main author, editor, etc.) then yeah
we can easily deem it under Sleeping Sheep under a few circumstances.
If it's fan made content, it'll be a bit harder since that means you're taking it from an original source
and we'll have to see if it'll pass or not.

However from the sounds of it you're doing independent work right?
So you can't deem it Sleeping Sheep--- I mean not that it's a bad thing
just that why name it under Sleeping Sheep if it's YOUR own INDEPENDENT work?

Like if I draw something with Mira yeah I'll name it under Sleeping Sheep
but if it's just me working on it alone then why should I name it under Sleeping Sheep?
vivian87 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah I see! I totally understand what you're going at. And don't be sorry! It's great that the rules are clear, you aren't being bossy. Thank you so much for answering QueenVal!
queen-val Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No probs!~
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