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-stamp- STFU, Fangirltards

Anyone who obsesses over a character like this deserves to be eaten by that "lolwut" pear.


Hey, hey, hey! It's totally okay if you like a fictional character, even to the point of obsession. Just don't claim ownership or go batshit at anyone who likes them too, mmkay?
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I always roll my eyes at fangirls who want to be the ONE-TRUE FAN OF (whatever character). Having been in the position of more or less the only person who gives a damn about mine for far too long, no, you don't. It's lonely as fuck, since you don't really have anyone else to fangirl out with, fanart-fic is virtually nonexistent, and the fandom can be less than accepting because no one else gives a shit about this fucker so why does this bitch care so damn much?
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I do this. But only to make fun of people that are actually like this. Complete with improper grammar sauce.
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I agree, but it was the lolwut-pear threat that made me really laugh. :laughing:
That said, I do not support creepy/pointless/compeltely fictional shipping of random characters that make no sense.
Seriously. JUST STOP, people.:iconstaresplz:
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What? Don't like Winnie the pooh x Sephiroth?

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Oh no, that one is hawt. :eyes: </sarcasm>
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Oh god, I hate it when some fans act like that. I always mentally categorize them as the crazed fans with rabies since they almost seem like they'd be foaming from the mouth when acting like that.
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oh my god, so much love for you. :heart:
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