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Nipples are pretty cool

If you're going to draw a shirtless man, please remember to add nipples. Those poor little guys are oft neglected.
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I'm sure they don't always but I see your point
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im getting the removed so suck a big one
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one year ago a girl in my school showed everyone a shirtless picture of her anime "husband" and HE DID'NT HAVE ANY NIPPLES it still bugs me to this day.
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They do have.nipples, they just very very tiny......
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Well, that's my rule to draw my heroes too!!!!!!!!!!!!
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fuck yeah, danm right hahaha, i laugh of it but is indeed real
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In Japan, it was(or still is, I don't really know) illegal to show nipples commercially, or on TV, and so on, which is why they're generally not drawn. At least not in mainstream stuff? Idk. And I guess fangirls latch on to that...

That said, I love me some nipples. It just looks wrong and creepy without them.
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According to an article on Kotaku, Japanese women in general just don't like seeing male nipples. It's kind of sad.
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The first time I ever saw a drawn male shirtless was on 'Naruto'. I was seriously creeped out when I saw they had no nipples :XD:
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:iconclapplz: Yes, yes, yes!!!!
Because seriously, men without nipples are just so stupid to look at.
Plus it's so very creepy :(
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My exact thoughts while flipping around on deviantArt a few seconds ago! :iconlaplz:
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Could it be possible to make a plz-stamp from this?
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Don't forget to make them rock hard too! :heart:
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Lovely stamp with an inspiring message.
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Lmao, I made a stamp about this just a little while ago. Glad to find another person that cares about this important topic! :D
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They're always leaving the best part out.
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That's one thing that annoys me about anime and manga -- most of the men have no nipples! XD
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Yes, they just aren't as big as a woman's. :XD: lol big nippled boobs ftw!
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