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Thanksgiving Indulgence Part 1


Thanksgiving Indulgence Part 1

“Sorry babe, I tried to get out of it. But you know my parents.” Drew gives me a crooked smile. “I do.” “Maybe we can skip the friends-giving. I’m sure no one would be offended if we say we have four Thanksgiving dinners to eat.” I look at my feet. Drew finds my hands. “You’ve been looking forward to that for months.” “I know, but-” “Maybe I can ditch the team’s lunch.” My head shoots up. “No!” This surprises him. “You’ve worked so hard this season- and you won! I won’t have you miss your team’s celebration.” We both look at the wall. The fourth meal is not an option. His sister, who has been in the hospital with breast cancer, is coming home. And has no one to celebrate with besides us. Drew’s parents live across the country and can’t afford to fly out. “I guess we just eat four dinners…” I can sense Drew’s discomfort. “Maybe we can nibble.” At this he finds my eyes. And snorts a laugh. “With your parents?” “Okay, maybe not there. But at least it’s first, so we can

Quickie #22: Emmett's Eating Expanses


Quickie #22: Emmett's Eating Expanses

Alex never thought of his life in terms of classical narrative structures, but nonetheless he felt like he was in the middle of his own personal redemption arc. He’d finally come to terms with his gender identity, he was working on his anger issues, and today he was taking another step to becoming a better person. Of course, reconnecting with the rest of his family was easier said than done. He hadn’t spoken to his mother since the divorce—and good riddance—but Aunt Evelyn had always been nice to him, even if she was a bit kooky. Then there was her son Emmett. Alex had always had a strange relationship with him. They never hung out much growing up, but for some reason they always seemed to run in adjacent social circles. When they happened to see each other, they’d smile, make polite conversation...but Emmett always felt more like an acquaintance than a cousin. Alex found him a bit of a dweeb if he was being honest, but it couldn’t hurt to try building a relationship. Now he

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Commissions OPEN! (2/3)

Commissions OPEN! (2/3)

Hi all! Reached the end of my queue so as soon as the last image is done, I can start. Still doing reno. I'm in need of some extra funds due to renovation costs leaving my bank account rather barren right now so I would like to open up three commission slots. Currently offering 4 "styles" Lines: 20$ Just clean linework, optional flat background color or can stay white. Flat color: 30$ Flat colored image with minimal texturing, simple background included. Cell shaded: 35$ Full-color cell-shaded image with some texturing, simple background included. Fully painted: 45$ Digital painted, full-color image with a simple background. What I won't/can't draw: Full nudity, scat/vore, explicit, visibly underage characters, full anthro (ears/tails/paws/legs are fine, but I'm not skilled at furry faces. Additional characters are an extra 50%. I am open to more complex scenes and backgrounds, but might adjust the price a little accordingly. The same applies to comic strips and
Giving a heads up that I will probably open a few commission slots sometime next weekend ✨
I had a falling out with someone who meant the world to me. I’m taking a few days off to adjust.

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Thank you for the fave. : )

I'm glad if you liked my story- it's by far my weakest piece. I hope you enjoy the others.

For the record, you definitely do not suck at drawing. :D Quite the opposite. I love your style.


Do you still have any of your older art? There's a few pieces I didn't manage to save before you deleted your old stuff

The chubby girls on here look 'Hungary'
Do you happen to have another account on another site? Lovely work here!
I also post under plastikfood.tumblr.com, and have some older work on normcore-princess.deviantart.com though both are still very inactive, I plan to start working on more art this summer
Cool! Love your art!