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Valentines Musings - A Loki Fanfic Letter
Dearest Lorelai,
Thor spoke today of a Midgardian holiday, one that is all the rage amongst his friends and admirers. A day called Valentines, where they obsess over the over-romanticised attractions between one another. Of course he would love it, he gets endless gifts from dazed maidens who have fallen for his muscles.
However, I cannot help but think on this holiday despite my initial disgust for what it has turned the palace court into. No doubt right now you’re celebrating it on Midgard, secret chocolate gifts and exuberant declarations of affection. Try as I might to dismiss the idea, I cannot shake this most unpleasant feeling, at the idea of you performing these rituals for a schoolgirl crush. Of course, knowing you that would hardly happen, you always have scorned the gushy and surface portrayals of love. Love is something so much deeper, something to be celebrated, but not trivialized the way so many seem to.
I miss you now more than ever before Lorelai, I miss your hum
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Calculated Risks - A Harry Potter Fanfic Oneshot
Draco wasn’t entirely sure when things had changed, when animosity had become something far more complex.
No, no that wasn’t entirely honest.
He didn’t know when it started, but he remembered the moment it fully hit him clear as day. Fire had been blazing in those brown eyes of hers, as she descended down that hill with the uncontrolled fury of all the hells fuelling her. She was beautiful, and his narrow-minded past self had been absolutely terrified. The punch has been painful and humiliating, but as he lay in his bed that night nursing a newly repaired nose his mind had stubbornly refused to leave that girl.
One of the golden trio and best friend to the one person he had been taught to hate more than anyone.
Hermione Granger.
He had been a foolish boy, but he had never been oblivious. It was impossible not to be drawn to her feisty spirit, the controlled power that coursed through her. She was like a wildfire, raw and untamed. Draco couldn’t help but feel tha
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 0 0
My Treat - An Aveyond Oneshot Fanfic
As the sun set in the distance, the fading light cast a warm glow over the sparkling city of Thais. The pinks and reds along the horizon were perfectly fitting for that particular date, as it set on their festival of love.
It was a day that was cherished by many, even the sullen and unwillingly single could be coaxed into joining into the fun with flavourful treats and daring games. The streamers in the air above their heads shimmered and twirled with the help of careful spells, traditional dancers dancing seemingly effortlessly through gauzy scarves hung specifically for this event.
“Dameon!! Look at those colourful fish!” The excited chirp of a lilac-haired young woman.
The tall young man with her laughed softly, allowing his companion to drag him through rows of people to the brightly lit booth.
“Rhen, the last fish that you got ended up dying. It probably isn’t the wisest idea to get a new one.” Dameon teased, glancing over her shoulder at all the fish
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 1
Dryad by Queen-of-Ice101 Dryad :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0 Celestial Kiss by Queen-of-Ice101 Celestial Kiss :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0 D and D Genie by Queen-of-Ice101 D and D Genie :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0 Lilith - Hoodie Style by Queen-of-Ice101 Lilith - Hoodie Style :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 7 0 Bi Eye by Queen-of-Ice101 Bi Eye :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 9 0 Persephone Moodboard by Queen-of-Ice101 Persephone Moodboard :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0 Hand in Hand Moodboard by Queen-of-Ice101 Hand in Hand Moodboard :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 1 0
Homemade Holidays - An Aveyond Oneshot
A cheery fire crackled in the far corner of the many ornate bedrooms filling the Sedona Manor. The fire cast a warm glow over the room, illuminating the sword singer armour hanging on the rack and the violet haired young woman sitting on her bed. Melancholy hung around her as she gazed at the fresh sprig of holly in her hand.
A soft knock on the door of her room made the female jump slightly, a startled look washing over her ruddy features.
"Rhen, can I come in?" Called a familiar voice.
"Uh, sure." Rhen called, her answer a beat behind what would have been normal.
At her words the door opened slightly, making just enough room for the more slender form of a certain green haired sorcerer to slip inside before the door was closed behind him.
"Lars? Please tell me that Galahad didn't break another dining chair throwing it at Te'ijal." Rhen groaned, envisioning the mess already.
"Actually, no. They're all actually coexisting pretty well." He said distractedly, glancing away for a moment. "
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 0 0
Nature Fey - Mayrah by Queen-of-Ice101 Nature Fey - Mayrah :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 4 0 Crackship Christmas Kiss - Aveyond by Queen-of-Ice101 Crackship Christmas Kiss - Aveyond :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 0 5 Galaxy Girl by Queen-of-Ice101 Galaxy Girl :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 4 0 Eye #1 by Queen-of-Ice101 Eye #1 :iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 8 4
Midnight Fury -Divinity of Darkness (Teaser Short)
A soft breeze blew through a midnight field, black earth revealed as the air rustled star dotted blades of grass. Part of the only place of any real beauty in what was a plane of nightmares. The ground trembled slightly before the lightly ruffled grass was all at once trampled as a powerful black steed galloped through the field.
Glowing blue eyes were wide as the stallion tossed it’s head in excitement as it came to a halt before a fence, stardust flying from its glowing mane as the woman seated atop ran a hand over the velvety neck.
“Finished riding so soon my queen?”
The deep voice made the woman start slightly, turning to look down at the figure clothed in ripping darkness below.
“I wished only for a small break.” She dismissed, hopping down lithely as her hand came to settle in his outstretched one as she added with a smirk, “Am I already so missed?”
Her hand was brought up to meet pale lips as the man before her pressed a lingering kiss t
:iconqueen-of-ice101:Queen-of-Ice101 2 0
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Hellraiser Wings by Thy-Darkest-Hour Hellraiser Wings :iconthy-darkest-hour:Thy-Darkest-Hour 610 135 Poppy 1.1 by Kuoma-stock Poppy 1.1 :iconkuoma-stock:Kuoma-stock 97 3 Poppy by AustriaAngloAlliance Poppy :iconaustriaangloalliance:AustriaAngloAlliance 22 15 Frilled Fariy Wings 03 by Thy-Darkest-Hour Frilled Fariy Wings 03 :iconthy-darkest-hour:Thy-Darkest-Hour 558 115 Wings PNG by bluezircon-graphics Wings PNG :iconbluezircon-graphics:bluezircon-graphics 229 49 00887 by glassthroughskin 00887 :iconglassthroughskin:glassthroughskin 40 0 Moon Walker - ver. 2019 by Red-Priest-Usada Moon Walker - ver. 2019 :iconred-priest-usada:Red-Priest-Usada 692 45 Lady Amethyst by Lighane Lady Amethyst :iconlighane:Lighane 1,327 130 Lady Sapphire by Lighane Lady Sapphire :iconlighane:Lighane 1,538 129 Moon and Stars by Lighane Moon and Stars :iconlighane:Lighane 1,148 89 Colorful Eyes by Lighane Colorful Eyes :iconlighane:Lighane 1,559 98 Juicy Lips by Lighane Juicy Lips :iconlighane:Lighane 1,445 175 C. Quinn by Likesac C. Quinn :iconlikesac:Likesac 335 8 Butterfly pelvis by Evidriell Butterfly pelvis :iconevidriell:Evidriell 183 20 The sacred tree by Ellysiumn The sacred tree :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,859 140 Mesmerising night by Ellysiumn Mesmerising night :iconellysiumn:Ellysiumn 1,944 133


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I feel like I've missed stuff with my school enforced hiatus aaaaaaaa
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Over the course of the next few days I'll transfer basically all the moodboards I've made here other then OC ones and the original ones I made for Aveyond as well as post a small pile of new ones^^  For anyone interested in general content moodboards and aesthetic stamps that's where you will find my random:D


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