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I support yuri stamp
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Published: October 9, 2008
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I prefer yaoi, but I support yuri too. :giggle:

Remember flamers, I will hide all your flame comments. ;)
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 I support bothPervy Sweatshirt 
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Yaoi is the best!
yuri sucks!
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We men are overrated anyway.
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NekoHina18Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you have a dual stamp , i mean " I support Yuri and Yaoi one?
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KurayamiYokoHobbyist General Artist
Used ^^
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DancrewProductionsProfessional General Artist
I always suppory Yuri~! ^w^
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extremerebirth1Hobbyist Writer
I like yuri, but I'm homophobic and don't like gay or lesbians. I'm religious, and I just never liked them at all. When I watch yuri, I feel the deep love and connection between the two girls. But I hate them for being lesbians.
I want an anime that revolves around very close females friends. I want the closest thing to yuri, without actually being it. I want the girls to love each other, but be straight. The only thing that comes to mind is K-On!
any suggestions?
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ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohmy goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
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Love is the fulfillment of the law, god loves gay people
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extremerebirth1Hobbyist Writer
God loves everyone. So saying he loves gays is no argument for gays. God loves satan. Saying god loves gay people is the same thing as saying gays exist
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yes and Being gay is like being a redhead, it's just the way he made us
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Don't even bother with this person he is always drunk and high of his ass which I am pretty sure is not a good thing according to the Bible. YOu wont get anywhere talking with him.
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extremerebirth1Hobbyist Writer
I dink and do spice because I hate myself. I'm bi. I acknowledge that as a result I'm a worthless, hell bound, piece of shit that deserves to suffer and die. Homosexuality is a disease that takes away all purpose of living. Why bother to quit drugs and alcohol if you are less than a human, which all bi and gay people are. Including me. I'm not a hypocrite. Nor was I always this way. Gay sex used to make me sick, then all of a sudden I became bi. Nobody is born anything. Sexual orientation is a result of Neuroplasisity. I know that one day I'll stop being bi, until then, I have no reason to be alive
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Ritsuka0404Hobbyist General Artist
okay I totally don't understand your words ..
okay you are bi and..? what's the problem with that? I am gay and I'm happy not forcing myself anymore to be attracted on boy's and it's better to life like this bc the only reason in life is to be happy with your life isn't it? why hating yourself for being who you are? no one even god can say it's false to be yourself (okay I'm not really beliving in god so I may not understand this that much)
and also maybe you have only a phase and if not then it's not that happen in your head it's in your/our DNA
And don't say such stupid things that you need to die bc you're bi or gay ..!

sexuality makes me sick.. everywhere everyone talk about it like it's a public theme and I don't care who loves who and it's fine so bc no one should be hyper sexualized and so attracted on his own gender we are still all the same in mind even we're male or female or homo or hetero we all feel the same when it is love so what?
I don't get the human's anyway with these selfmaded rules to have a "norm" and "
divisions" in anything and make some unimportant and private things into a great public theme OTL
animals are much more intelligent about that than humans are bc They Don't Care. urgh..
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Yeah you do that be hateful I just stay being gay happy and not doing drugs or take in anything bad and just contribute to society like a normal person :nod: cause homosexuality didn't effect me in anyway I think its your addiction to drugs and your mental problems that is a restult of things bad in your life stop trying to blame other factors in your life  its a bit sad.
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extremerebirth1Hobbyist Writer
I dont blame being bi for drugs. I blame it for taking away happiness. Homosexuals should be shot, and I'm no exception. If I dont be straight again then life is meaningless
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whatever, it's his life....
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extremerebirth1Hobbyist Writer
Red is a color not a behavior. As a dude that's extremely attracted to redheads, I know th difference.
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RainbowNinjaGuardianHobbyist General Artist
Red is also a Homestuck thing. As in the red flushed quadrant. :iconflushedplz:
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but did you choose to like redheads? No. and either way it's none of our business who consenting adults have sex with. It's our job to tell them about Jesus's love, not go "hey fix this this and this and then my God wont burn you in a lake of fire for loving your boyfriend." Next do you want to burn down vegas wedding chapels for destroying the sanctity of marriage ಠ_ಠ? The rules in the bible are for us to be discerning in the decisions we make about our own life, not micromanage everyone else's.
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