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This ma girl goin down

the sun yo know?
ok this is a collab drawing by my bby :iconhere-for-the-ponies: and me
its that best princess and yu know know it

now... we really need help with the title and maybe you guys could come up with a good one
cuz yeah it can't stay like that ^^;
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This has been my work desktop for like the last 4 years. Thank you! <3

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May we do a trade?
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very nice :D
good job with braiding her mane
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The more I look at this... The more amazed I am. You are a wonderful artist, thank you for making this :)
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Wow! Celestia looks truly beautiful and pretty here! I really love that braid! Love it! :heart: :love: :heart:
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amazing! i love the hair!
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Awesome! :D I really like your MLP artwork! :D :huggle: :heart:-Kay
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"Afternoon for Celestia" but yeah, apparently the title can stay like that.

Really made me think about the relationship Celestia must have with the sun with its current title. Well done!
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Culd had added alot more details in the picure
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This looks so real and so perfect.It's creepy.
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Really great picture. Best title I could think of is "(Sunrise/Sunset) Serenity". Just apply the appropriate one for given context.
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Wonderful work. I can't help but to just love all my of your artwork. I especially love pieces like this where you can get the lighting so perfectly it looks so real. Great job to the both of you, you made a fantastic piece.

maybe name it "Reminiscing"
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Thank you so much >v<
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looks really amazing and magic!!!! Prize - Stained Glass Light Heart Icon 
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She looks really young here.
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must be the hair ^^
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So beautiful.
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"Finally alone with a piece of cake. Poor Luna, though. She won't have her last piece for this morning."

Amazing work
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How about "Sunrise Snack" as a title?
Good cake is always good for breakfast.
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Where have you been? I missed you.
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