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Dilemma (by Pinkieshy)

who can hear it? owo

if you don't, go to my tiktok, it's called katputze
yes I have tiktok
yes I'm 20

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*Facepalming over Pinkie Pie*

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Oh I love this song so cute💓

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Tiktok? Oh my gawd! NEED TO FOLLOW!
damn kissy face fluttershy!!
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hehe I really love it! X3
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Cute singers. :XD:
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ye, it's like vine and combined
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Delightfully adorbs
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Pinkie best backup singer.
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Of course Pinkie Pie would enthusiastic sing that part of the song.  And Fluttershy looked so cute singing that.
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Since I didn't know the song I heard it with their voices (and Pinkie just doesn't fit).
And as many people have said before me this is adorable I wish I wasn't lazy to use my free time for useless things and instead practiced drawing.
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Fluttershy is singing to Discord
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but then who is her boo? >->
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I don't know why, but I love the wings in this comic. They just look so fluffy, almost like they're a special shawl or light jacket or something, I don't know.
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aww thank you so much! It was a long journey to learn how to draw wings like that, I'm glad it paid off >v<
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This is adorable
Cute! I'm having trouble remembering the song! What is it?
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Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland ^-^
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