Welcome to Commercial and Fashion Photography Week

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Commercial and Fashion Photography Week

Welcome to commercial and fashion photography week on projecteducate! This week we will be posting articles relating to these two photography sub-galleries. I'm Queen-Kitty and I'll be your guide to fashion photography, while isthisthingstillon will be your guide to commercial photography for this week!  I hope this week will give you a greater appreciation for both of these sub-categories as well as to aid your journey if you're a part of either of them! Let's take a quick look at what both of these galleries are all about!

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is first and foremost about styling: clothing or beauty.  Let's talk about professional photography quickly. When you open a fashion magazine, you'll see two things: advertisements and editorials. Advertisements tend to be very focused on the clothing or beauty products and are created especially for one company (such as Chanel, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, etc), while editorials have a little bit more lee-way since they are created for the magazine and are about telling a story with multiple brands styled together by a stylist.  Although, fashion advertisements can often have an editorial feel as well, it really depends on the brand and their vision. On DeviantArt, fashion is divided into two categories: Commercial photography > fashion and people and Portraits > fashion portraits. The commercial fashion category is for the advertisements and promotional images, while the fashion portrait category is for fashion images created for personal, portfolio, or editorial use.  DA also adds that the photos in the fashion category often have an "atmosphere, theme, or mood,"  which is often what editorials are all about. Let's take a look at some of DeviantArt's most popular fashion photographs from the past and present!

Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography is all about advertising! Besides fashion, which was already mentioned above, there are also sub-categories for Products, Services, and Other. Commercial photography is about making a product, service, or idea attractive to the consumer.  It's usually done as a commission, but also could be done on spec as commercial stock. Of course, it also might be done for practice. In either case, it's about selling or promoting a product, service, lifestyle, etc. Let's take a look at some popular commercial photography deviations from the commercial photography product, services, and other sub-categories!

 Here's what's on schedule this week!


Commercial and Fashion Photography Week

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