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I haven't been really submitting much, which Nelleke kindly reminded me of :) So, I submitted two pictures from fairly recently: :thumb143748554: and Infinite by Queen-Kitty
Thank you for all of the favorites and comments on them!

:thumb143959092:I also submitted a picture from my most recent shoot inspired by Ophelia, this is a shot that I'm not going to use in the final series, but the model and I really loved the reflection in it!  It won't make sense now,especially in this picture, but trust me in that I'm making Ophelia into a stronger tragic heroine, instead of the tragic, suicidal figure she is now.  I am breaking the weak woman stereotype that has been so characteristic of her up until now.

I thought I would also do a little feature with some of the beautiful artwork that has just really inspired me lately! I also love doing features, but haven't had much time lately.  And I only have one month left of my subscription, so I figured I had better hurry up and start featuring!

This is featured today as a DD, but I couldn't help featuring it as well.  Really awesome quote, but you have to full-view this! The drawings are incredibly detailed and beautiful.

:thumb143561373:  I love the depth of field, the colors, and that mischievous look on the model's face!

I had to feature this series! I have really been in love with the Disney centaurettes lately, and these are just drawn so soft and feminine.

Koi Mermaids by kinkeiI love mermaid, I love koi, and I love kinkei's style! What's not to love :heart: I love how she always manages to get a beautiful flow going!

As The Sun Sets by Doubtful-Della The Fall Breeze by Doubtful-Della Mann's Best Friend by Doubtful-Della
I love the natural lighting in these wedding shots, they have such a fairytale feel, and are just so romantic!

Frozen in Time by Raipun If you haven't seen this artist's work before, shame on you!  There's a reason her work is always on the front page! I love her romantic subjects, and they way she paints.  Really incredible emotion in all of her work!

Photo-painting Abstract I by GregorKerle Really wonderful compositions and depth of field.

You might know what bokeh is or you might not, but there's no denying this abstract photo is magical!

Winter by SachaKalis Another well-known artist on dA! Her work, almost always shot underwater is just magical! She makes me want an underwater camera case so much!

The Key To My Hear by Tsukey Whimsical and fun! I love the way she uses such soft colors, and just enough line-art.

f e e l i n g by widjita A really gorgeous fashion photograph, the tones and detail are amazing!

...wed -13-... by OlegBreslavtsev Very soft and lovely, and what an incredible dress! The soft lighting matches it perfectly.

G L O R I O U S by Korpinkynsi The title says it all: "glorious!" Beautiful colors and really nice composition and lighting.

:thumb138272286: I am so in love with this picture! The atmosphere and the colors are wonderful, and the softness of the model is just perfect!

danni9 by emohoc Very classic, lovely colors, and I love the polka-dot umbrella!

Lounge Lizard by patriciabrennan So soft and lovely, very classic with a twist! And I can't help but love the title!

Where the Wild Things Are. IV by zemotion I have always been in love with :dezemotion:'s work, and this piece is no different! The way the flower blends into the face makes it seem like a part of her. Very sensual, and I'm so happy that Jingna has truly made it in the photography industry.

:thumb137546418: So magical and detailed!  

:thumb136850931: This piece is just so fun, really beautiful style, and krumm33 really needs more attention!  Her artwork is always so whimsical and fun, and there's just so many incredible, colorful details in this piece.

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I’m sorry It’s taken me so long to thank you for including me in your feature I really appreciate it :hug:
Fond regards Pat x
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many thanks for the feature! :thanks:
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That is a wonderful feature and thank you so much for including my photograph.
Queen-Kitty's avatar
You're welcome! Your work lately has been improving by leaps and bounds! You were amazing before, but now you are even better! :heart:
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Thank you so much, I'm really trying a lot and also the new equipment I got makes it all much easier. :aww:
I'm longing for spring now, all the flowers and such! :D
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amazing features! :wow:

and thank you so much for the feature!!! :faint: it means a lot to me! :iconmeltplz:
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I had to include your work of course! It always brings such a smile to my face!
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thank you so much! :dalove:
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Beautiful feature :aww:
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Thank you, I couldn't have done it without so many amazing artists!
Gnubbelchen's avatar
It´s difficult to choose the right ones :aww:
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