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Community Week

What is the first thing you think of when you think of DA staff and community volunteers? Maybe your first thought is that they're authority figures, or you think of the Daily Deviations that the CVs set, or maybe if you're prone to misbehavior, you think of being banned :giggle: However, this article today is here to also make you remember that many of them are ARTISTS. "Artists?" you say, "Are you sure they aren't just part of some secret society that is keeping tabs on all of us?!"

Both? Both! by Queen-Kitty
For a list of current DeviantArt staff:
For a list of current CVs:…

There are LOTS of current staff members and CVs who are artists, but today I wanted to highlight a few as well as let you know what they do!  Just because I didn't feature somebody doesn't mean that they're not an artist or that they're not a good artist, it just means that I didn't want to leave you with a hundred name list :faint: You can check out the rest in the links above!

:iconmakepictures: makepictures Advisor-in-Chief and Operations

Amoeba, Hwd. by makepictures  3 Gentlemen of Hollywood -- Bunny by makepictures On The Boulevard by makepictures Die Neuen Hamburger by makepictures

:iconaunjuli: aunjuli Community 
Happy Tea Cat Wallpapers by aunjuli Jellywishes: Victor by aunjuli White Lotus - SP21 by aunjuli Let's Get Caffeinated - SP11 by aunjuli Tasty Fruit - SP9 by aunjuli

:iconikue: Ikue Community
You're a llama fun! by Ikue Roll out those... by Ikue Summer by Ikue blood lust by Ikue dArama Llamas Plea by Ikue

:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13: Director of Community Relations
Baby Yoda by Moonbeam13 Incandescent by Moonbeam13 Twirl by Moonbeam13 Crossed knives by Moonbeam13

:iconmicahgoulart: micahgoulart DT
Transformers by micahgoulart La Torre by micahgoulart<da:thumb id="586932519"/> Olhar by micahgoulart

:icondanlev: danlev Editorial and Marketing
Free Google Glass Stock Photo by danlev Hero Journal Skin by danlev Dennis 3 by danlev Nicky by danlev

:iconnoaron: NoaRon TLV Team
Golden-Gymnastic by NoaRon Hagada by NoaRon Hands - WIP by NoaRon Sailing by NoaRon

:icondrzime: DrZime Comics and Cartoons CV

WOS - Rose Tico by DrZime WOS - Constance Peterson by DrZime Tinkerbell Making her Dress by DrZime No Room for Umbrellas by DrZime

:iconpinkythepink: pinkythepink Artisan Crafts CV

Timeless Roses by pinkythepink Life is like a Box of Stitches by pinkythepink Barn Owl Familiar (Callupish) by pinkythepink Custom - Princess Peach Super Smash Bros. BeadGown by pinkythepink

:iconbeccajs: BeccaJS Literature CV

Cristian Rosas
Mediterranean breeze warmed my dreams;
cappuccino mornings blended
into Bacardi sunsets.
Tobacco smoulders and I remember-
his name was Cristian Rosas.
Sunset passed. Spirits poured
European measures- unlike tight English twenty-five mil,
relieving the throbs of snow white turned red queen.
The glow led our intoxicated journey. Sambuca fused.
We invaded the dance floor.
yellow lanterns,
blue, red, green
yellow, red,
green merged with smiles.
Freedom spun me to his arms.
Giggles blushed sunburn. Cristian Rosas
whispered his name.
Fingers caressed my shoulder;
pulses shot down my back.
music people blurred
into echoes. His words
a treat richer than coffee. Citrus
perfume infused the heat; hunger took control.
Honey seeped into locked lips.
His wink broke the spell.
Notes flew off key. Samba swayed
a desperate grind of genitals, disgust
erupted in my throat. Honey
tinged saccharin;
backhand met cheek.
On patio furniture I sucked cigarettes.
Cappuccino froth sank with my lust
OverworkedWe set aside a time, one hour for a meeting;
our search for a room hindered by our search
for the solution.
Can we set aside a day
for creation and have a canvas we can all paint on
at the same time in the same room
and order ice cream or chip-shop chips
whilst we make our master design?
Then do you think we can turn our idea
into a real life innovation?
Or do we continue to scavenge old buildings
for neglected conference rooms once
booked by occupants no longer present. Do
we panic about the problem and confirm
we are in shit before we've truly understood
the colour, depth, and complexity of the shit?
Do you think we could stick to our plans and
do what we say we will do when we do it? We
go home on time and drink gin-and-tonic in
a local beer garden, enjoying the warm sun instead
of an overheated, over-exhausted office.
The Cat BossI know he lurks;
alert eyes behind the sofa
waiting, waiting.
Suddenly a paw torturing
these feet, yanking at
my socks
Crawling the pond edge
musing perhaps how cold
it might be, the creature
Pats delicate yet
Springs back in terror;
He won't be soaked today.
Stolen comfort, he
Places himself in prime
Spot- my chair
No longer
my chair. Only
the shake shake of biscuits
allow his ginger tail to bob
into the kitchen
Begrudgingly, he plants
his purr-box up against
my side. The gentle scratch
behind his ear reminds
us both, he's always
in charge.  

:iconsquanpie: squanpie Literature CV

St Anne's ReelWe danced together, you and I, when the night was young. Jigs followed reels, and the whole hall moved to our music.
Strangers and old friends, it made no difference, then. We watched children and old men alike as they paused on the threshold, uncertain. We watched them take those first stumbling steps, faces creasing into smiles, and then they were whirled away into the dance.
Feet stamped in time, hands clapped, and skirts spun open as bright and fleeting as flowers carried on the wind. Together, we urged them on, faster and faster, until you were a blur across my strings.
The years have moved on though, and that floor is empty now. You are gone I know not where, and I lie alone in the dark, the sheen of my varnish turned dull with age. Yet some things can never fade.
When the winter wind blows in from the sea, it still carries the memory of songs and laughter. From some other friendly shore, or from the ghosts of ships long gone, the music lives on; and footsteps passing by m
Milking It    “Well now, this is inconvenient for both of us.” The brownie sat cross-legged on the kitchen floor across from Nicki. “We both know what will happen to you if I return empty handed; but I know what will happen to me – and believe me when I say you’re the lucky one.”
    Nicki blinked slowly. The world was blinding, fuzzy, and somehow upside down.
    “Look; my own self-interest aside for the moment, you’ve always been such a good provider. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume for the moment that there’s some exceptional reason for tonight’s lapse?”
    Ah, that was it. Events of the past few hours returned wrapped in a bundle of nausea. She shut her eyes and replied, slurring her words across the stone tiles of the kitchen floor. “Graduation… After-party…”
Moonlight Meeting    We stumbled from the dockside pub, laughter and the final bell ringing in our ears. She held my hand as if the world was ending, and tugged me across the road to the promenade. One night only, she’d told me much much earlier, when the line of empty glasses stood at one and a half. And boy was I going to make the most of that night.
    A light fog had rolled in off the sea, just enough to blur the lights of the pier and cast a halo round the moon as it sank towards the waves. In the damp air, her hair moulded to the curves of her face, a trail leading from cheek to full lips that tasted of sea spray and worlds unexplored.
    A taxi slowed as it passed us, the driver hopeful, but I never looked up. Her deep dark eyes held me ensnared, drowning in the sorrow held back below the surface.
    “Shh,” she said, holding a finger to my lips, though I’d said nothing. “The moon is bright; the ni
FFM29 2017 - Swans in the Evening    Sunlight sparkled on the river as two sisters walked together along the bank. Rings shone bright on all their fingers, and jewels gleamed in their hair; fairest of all though, was little Betty’s golden necklace. A gift from her sweet William.
    It glittered still, as she slipped and stumbled, her sister’s hand upon her back. Her dress, billowing around her in the river, formed the image of a swan.
    The feast had already begun when a strange bard entered. He brought with him a harpist; a lady, cloaked and hooded, bearing a bone white harp strung with golden strings. Tears streamed down William’s face as the harp began to sing alone, a song of death and drowning.
    Eyes turned from little Betty’s empty place, to ashen Margaret sat beside. Her chair fell back, and the elder sister fainted.
    The song ended in silence; bard an

:icontsaoshin: TsaoShin Fan Art CV

Dawn by TsaoShin Owl Dragon by TsaoShin Spirit by TsaoShin A Few of My Favorite Things by TsaoShin

:icongejda: Gejda Photomanipulation CV

Atos by Gejda Death of a Knight by Gejda Shattered by Gejda Snow bringer by Gejda Windmaker by Gejda

:iconlenamoart: LenamoArt Digital Art CV

Commission: Aerthal Dawnbreaker Wallpaper by LenamoArt Daenerys in Azeroth cosplaying! by LenamoArt Patreon: Poison Ivy by LenamoArt Commission: Meadow by LenamoArt

:iconkovowolf: KovoWolf Digital Art CV, Chats and Forums CV

Purple Spirit by KovoWolf Silence by KovoWolf Lyra531 Gift Art by KovoWolf Breaking Red by KovoWolf

:iconjustacapharnaum: JustACapharnaum Macro Photography CV and Abstract and Surreal Photography CV

Possibly maybe by JustACapharnaum Chaotic beauty by JustACapharnaum Time has come to deviate by JustACapharnaum Psychedelic by JustACapharnaum

:iconnykolaialeksander: NykolaiAleksander Traditional Art CV

15o118 (..a night of blackberry bourbon + jigsaws) by NykolaiAleksander Erebus: Casimir by NykolaiAleksander Eden by NykolaiAleksander Fish Can Fly by NykolaiAleksander Elsa by NykolaiAleksander

:iconcosmicbound: cosmicbound Space & SciFi Art CV

Thermogenesis by cosmicbound OtherWorld by cosmicbound Demystified by cosmicbound Astounding Vastness by cosmicbound Within the Void by cosmicbound

:iconburningmonk: burningmonk Street Photography CV

Fur by burningmonk Seijinshiki by burningmonk Skyway by burningmonk L O S T by burningmonk S H A D Y D E A L I N G S by burningmonk

:iconeverynextdream: EveryNextDream Horror/ Macabre Photography CV

<da:thumb id="676638300"/><da:thumb id="670795207"/><da:thumb id="649178825"/><da:thumb id="611002011"/>

:iconisthisthingstillon: isthisthingstillon General Photography CV

:iconmrs-durden: Mrs-Durden General Photography CV, Chats and Forums CV
Vintage Fairytale V by Mrs-Durden Dark Beauty VII by Mrs-Durden Secret Garden by Mrs-Durden Stripes by Mrs-Durden

:iconjenfruzz: JenFruzz Animals, Plants, and Nature Photography CV, Chats and Forums CV
Pretty Lady by JenFruzz The All Seeing Eye O.O by JenFruzz Shades by JenFruzz Icy Fire by JenFruzz

I hope this feature has give you a preview of the amazing art that you'll find in the galleries of DeviantArt's staff and community volunteers.  We're a diverse and dedicated group that have a great passion and love for art in all of its varied and beautiful forms! :heart:

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A late thank you for overall wonderful feature (CV artistry -- a good feature idea)! :D