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This week seems to have flown right past and so has Spring! I know Summer doesn't begin until mid-June, but we've already had days in the 90s here! It won't be a Florida Summer without rain though, so I expect that to start up soon as well...in any case, hope you've all had a lovely week and an even better weekend! I know I will, since I'm spending part of my weekend in Disney :la: I hope you enjoy this week's 15 under 15 feature :aww:

Dream by IMustBeDeadEditorial - Coco Indie Mag - Le Jardin des Plantes by 0kmidnightTurquoise Fantasia - The Lost Wind by abieakbarmoment by JamTheJamSpaghetti by nguyenlevan
Medusa by SkylerBrown

Juicy steak. by DianaHoffman

vetka by grezelle
Frozen Blossom by ksushiks
The Calm Before The Storm by FromAshesToEden

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Thank you! Hug Heart