15 Under 15 Feature 8

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Hey everybody! I'm back today for another round of 15 under 15!
I hope you enjoy my selections for this week, it's always so much fun choosing them and discovering new artists :heart:

For those of you who enjoy 15 Under 15, would you rather see me include non-photographic work as well? I used to feature drawings, paintings, and literature all of the time, but CV'ing the fashion photography gallery tends to help me find a lot more fashion photographs to include. I really do enjoy all forms of art, but should 15 under 15 just stick to photographs?

nasution by styvop
''Uckange'' ~Haunted Place Which Domines Me by FreyaLunacy
something wicked this way comes by cybertaff
Original horror  (8) by KatyaWarped
Dead Ents by ermorek
Undine. Detail by youth-youth
Fanny 6 by Bernhardina
Coil IV by Paige-Addams
Anna by Anhen
Esmeralda by LunaraniaIsis
October by x-shook-x
The Toy Shades by SeeSarahSanderson
Rainbow Breakfast by KhalllodY
Braving the Elements 02 by acrid-placidity
Let's go by Elko-Photography

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