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Apologies for missing features last week, my mind was in a different place and concentrating was difficult.  In my last 15 under 15 journal, I talked about shooting a 60s inspired editorial with a MUA friend that was coming into town, and it went really well!  It turned out a lot more fashion-y than I've been shooting lately and it felt really good to make something that felt so me.  Also I'm in that period when I want new camera equipment, and I'm scouring eBay for deals because I'm also cheap.

Elvira by DragonOfLust
Untitled by IrinaJoanne

The Many Faces of Death by xBassxHarmingx
Savannah 2 by recipeforhaight
Around II by hannes-flo
White Breasted Womb Loomers  by kamakebelieve
morning by gossiily

Marauder by Myrddhin
Lady of Emerald by Luinnelle
hello summer by vi0letdreamer
Juliette III by 0kmidnight

Ever Fit the Frame by Lorelyne

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