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This week has been crazy and I basically forgot Thursday even existed, so you're getting 15 under 15 in your in-boxes on a Friday instead! I hope all the lovebirds on here had a lovely Valentine's Day :kiss: I celebrated Galentine's Day a few days late with one of my best friends yesterday.  We made these incredible banana bread waffles (recipe here: www.motherthyme.com/2014/01/ba…) with iced coffees (made with Chameleon which is honestly the best cold brew money can buy, imho) and it all turned out SO GOOD, Leslie Knope would have been proud. We talked about art, weird things we hoped to accomplish this year, my upcoming birthday (oh dear, I'm getting old), and then we moaned and groaned about politics and the state of the world; y'know, normal get-together stuff. One of the things I brought up was how much I want to start a digital magazine, but also how very scared I am to not get it right and fail. I don't know about you, but failure scares the heck out of me, it's haunted me my whole life, and is easily the reason why I experience such a surplus of anxiety.  But if we wait for the perfect time and wait for things to feel "just right," we'll never accomplish anything in life, because there will never be a perfect time and things will never seem or feel "just right" to a discerning eye.  So, there's your philosophy lesson on a Friday, go out and do things you want to do. Oprah didn't get where she is by not trying  her hardest over and over.  Throw things at the wall until they stick.  Find your niche in life. Do things that you really want to do, even if they scare you. Or as a very wise friend once said, "Go hard until you hate it."


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Thank you for the feature of my pink haired lady ^_^