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I've been flipping back and forth this week between feeling this melancholy sense of disembodiment and a high sense of anxiety, which I would normally fill with cheesy foods and ice cream.  Alas, I've been cutting back on calories for the last 1.5 months and neither food really fits into my current diet. Eating healthy is great and I'm normally easily satisfied, but it's not really any sort of comfort! Only 5 more pounds to go though, I can do it D:

Anyhow, pretend this isn't 3/4 people and portrait photographs, there were too many pretty ones this week to choose from! And I command you to go read more FFM pieces :stare: They're short and filled with talent! FFM, in case you didn't know, is July's Flash Fiction Month! I have a bunch to read in my in-box right now, but I included a couple in this week's 15 under 15 feature to get you started with some wonderful artists! 

Amelia by jagodareczek
e c o s y s t e m by PsycheAnamnesis
Fields of stars by Sylvie-Ann
NYX  ART by nyx-arte

Groundshow 2016 ss2 by yychanson
Wildflower mosaic by KarintaLOST by BottleTsaiSummer's War by bLOOdLamp2010
The White Crane by NickChao

Garden by yolandagarciafoto
summer things by freedragonfly

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Thank you for the mention !