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Thursday has once again reared its head (thank god it's not an ugly head, more like the kind that taunts you saying you've ALMOST made it through another week, but not quite yet.)  I'm trying to sneak in more vegan meals into my diet, less dairy and less saturated fat has gotta be better on my body, but it seems like EVERY vegan recipe online labelled as such takes a million crazy substitution ingredients that are sooo expensive.  I just want recipes that focus on veggies more and less on trying to make it something that it's not.  So, I guess what I'm asking, do you have any favorites that you want to share? :)

Book Request - Emilie IV by 0kmidnightFlowers keep secrets by OlgaCArrival by FurrrkaGlistening Shade by OlMountainWomantheodore by freedragonflyksenia by ozlemcengizIn the land of Gods and Monsters by curcabeataUntitled by IrinaJoanneNicole Portrait by jenipoplonging by KittiraCatinkaUntitled by BorekkoAll is Dust by Xcetera

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Thank you very much for feature and for DD  <3