15 Under 15 Feature 30

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Once again we have quite a varied 15 under 15 this week! I personally LOVE all of them, so I hope you enjoy them as well! Please take the time to check out of the rest of each deviant's galleries, they're very talented artists! :heart: Also I'm hoping this will become the new layout for future 15 under 15 features, I hope you like it!

The death of Icarus by FedericoSciuca
In Between by SkylerBrown
Untitled by IrinaJoanne

Just need to get rid of that itch by CherishKay
Curves by whamping

When birds fly no more by HeathenHeart
Girls Who Run With Wolves by TanyaMarieMcGeever
Lulu - back to front by PostmodernEquestrian

Sailor Moon by asterozeaThe Awakening III by onesummerago

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Thank you so much for featuring me among these lovely artworks, I'm honoured! :blackrose: