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It has been SUCH  a day today, nothing too traumatic, but WOW I am so SO ready for this weekend. It has been a pretty rough month, but there has still been wonderful things to celebrate.  Last Saturday, I put together a tea party for my 27th birthday.  I baked more things than I have ever baked, I brewed 6 kinds of tea (check out theteaspot.com, so many amazing and yummy loose teas), and I made my own clotted cream for fresh scones.  It was Alice in Wonderland themed, of course, so I had it styled like the mad tea party with mismatching chairs, tea cups, plates, and tea pots and I set it all up by my blooming azalea bushes.  I was really glad that it turned out so beautifully, despite it having been rescheduled. My good friend kamakebelieve photographed the event, and once she has the blog post with the photos, I'll link you all to it! She also stayed the night, and we crafted some crafty things for her shoot the next day and I made homemade orange ricotta pancakes for us the next morning.  Then, we got together the stuff for her shoot, and we set it up in my yard and I assisted her for it (it's an insanely beautiful photoshoot, I'm definitely making her upload them when they're done).  It was a pretty perfect weekend. It's one of those weekends that you wish could be every weekend, but then it wouldn't feel as special, but I'm glad it got to be last weekend :heart:

This week's 15 under 15 has another beautiful assortment of different mediums, besides the normal photography.  I hope you enjoy them!
Josefine by lydiahansen
Estelle - La Fete by 0kmidnight
Elizabeth Vartanian Collier 00005 by TomSimmonds
M by grezelle
X-ray Fish by pretendpsychiatrist

Moss and Fern by paweladamiec
Simone and his soul by FedericoSciuca
Dreamer by Mnbvka

semampai by styvop
Nordic Goddess III by lydiahansen
[Vismante] by wdx

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Thanks for the feature~