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Welcome to 15 under 15's new day: THURSDAY! I am currently in the death throes of a cold, and I'm hoping it will be mostly gone by tomorrow so I can be normal again.  I don't get sick too often, so running fevers and barely being able to move isn't exactly my norm. I'm currently really excited to be planning a tea party for my birthday next weekend, because it seemed like the best way to pretend I'm not turning 27. And also the azaleas in my yard are in full bloom so it felt like it would be extra magical to sip on tea amongst the fairytale beauty of the impending spring season :la: :heart: I hope you all are having a great week, and that you enjoy these 15 amazing deviations with under 15 favorites! Apologies in advance, I can't seem to get thumbs to show as full-size on some of them!

:heart: ENJOY! :heart:
 Infinite Spaces 04 by Bernhardina

Natural History Gothic 1 by Cassy-Blue

Test shoot: Juliana by 0kmidnight
Julia II by lina-constantine
tiny owl by freedragonfly

Falling in love series part 3 by brendajovel2013
*** by MariaBabintseva
60s by CaroNhu
Dsc8788 by Rubengda
My blueberry nights by yolandagarciafoto

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