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This week is already dragging for me, which probably has something to do with how bored/inactive/sloth-like I've been lately.  I've never been the type to get home after work and have absolutely nothing to do.  I'm always editing photos, it's been a constant in my life for the past 4 years, I am disturbingly good at editing whole days away if need be. But I haven't shot anything since early December, and even before that I wasn't doing much. It's weird, and I'm not used to it.  I actually have tons of ideas, but the inspirational models in the area are just kind of waning, I really need to get out of Florida this year for a bit (to NYC, San Diego, etc, just SOMEWHERE).  I've decided that this year I'll be shooting more lingerie and venturing into artistic nude, but both in a fashion context and with my tendency for feminine, sweet, and moody.  Not sure how many models in my area are open to that, but we'll see! I'll be shooting something small in the studio this Sunday, and I can't decide if it will be a welcome change to get home and have something to work on or if I'll have a difficult time shifting from my cook/netflix/soak in the bathtub routine of the last month or so.  If anything, I hope it gets me out of my feeling-sorry-for-myself mode that tends to be plaguing me a bit too often lately (seasonal affective disorder, I'm sure). I lost my mouse Penelope last month to old age (she was the cute mouse in my Alice series), and I have been toying around with the idea of getting a cat to cuddle with (well, at least a cat to be there and love). I really am dying for a huge, fluffy Maine Coon kitty! :kitty: Wish me luck in my animal shelter kitty search!

Anyways, that's me lately, but let's get right down to it and look at the ART! This week's 15 Under 15 are pretty freaking glorious, and I think you'll agree!

vintage ro by Marta1996I Saw My Love as a Poppy Field by SophieKorynOctober dance by blueimaginationyman by AndrewTeleginSphinx Cat by senoritagalletaAnn by RianaGhedonist magazine UK III by ann-koVictoria Zamaru 5 by NataliaCiobanuXxxx9879 - Rt by teresablaukursJust hanging. by EpicPhotosNL

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Lovely feature.
I almost break down and cry every time i imagine how horrible it must be to wait in a shelter to be picked by random criteria and never be the one that leaves. It's just heartbreaking...