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Another week of 15 under 15! I hope you are all having a good week, mine has been...well...tiring. I'm going to sleep relatively early, but I just can't seem to wake up in the mornings (or maybe I just don't want to leave my warm bed).  It's finally getting cold in Florida (I was born in Florida and I get cold when it's 55 degrees Fahrenheit out), and I can barely take it.  I always get excited every year and can't wait for cold days so I can wear sweaters and coats and scarves and such.  But on the cold days, I wake up realizing I have no idea what to wear, and when the cold air hits my face I want to just snuggle up in bed again.  We don't have snow and I know we've got it lucky, but the constant back and forth in temperatures means I'll always be the cold Florida girl. I mean, what is it they say? Cold hands, warm heart? (That's me 100%)

I hope you enjoy this week's fabulous 15 under 15! It was really quite hard to only pick 15!
An Alice Story: The Garden by 0kmidnight
The letter Conygar Woods - oil on panel by timwetherell
Sisters by DmajicPhotographySilver ring Ikebana with orchid and bamboo by JuliaKotreJewelry

Softer than satin was the light from the stars by HopesOnAirshelter for lonely soul by accti

INGRID by Efa-Aiefa
Ann by RianaG

Art Boom 8 by Chrome-sensei
Denisa by Sujansky180 undo by sakuma69
90's babe 4 by davidvelezfotografiaKasia. by anarchiaa

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