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Welcome back to another week of 15 Under 15! Did you miss it? :staresmirkeyes:

Well, I'll tell you what, I sure did!  It felt weird not putting together this feature for two weeks, but I really hope you enjoyed the CV New Year Countdown series :la: They were a lot of fun to put together, and I discovered so many amazing new artists that are going to make 15 Under 15 even better :D So...today I've got a surprise for you, since we're actually 15X3 today (15 Under 15 Feature 15), I'm going to give you 3 Under 15 deviations from each featured artist :heart:

Just check out all this beauty! :love:

L by kakaoconad
kakaoconad  L by kakaoconad Trn by kakaoconad

Underwater by EmmaLuSS
TheLauraSheridan <da:thumb id="581046196"/> <da:thumb id="528827741"/>

Tomorrow Started by KXZXW
KXZXW  Incendiary I by KXZXW  Anagram by KXZXW

My Boy by KatieSoze

Smoke... by utu-lab
[Vytautas] by wdx

Olivia by curcabeata

agawaskiel<da:thumb id="462890657"/> <da:thumb id="539876019"/>

*** by Lumikuuro

Valkyrie Ascending by Faunne
Daria W by Sajuli
Sajuli  Snezhanna by Sajuli Anna Light by Sajuli

 B-e-t-t-i-e <da:thumb id="546997891"/><da:thumb id="460630987"/>

derelict, 11 by lydiahudgens
lydiahudgens  Utah Trip, Take 6 by lydiahudgens  ViVian De Milo by lydiahudgens

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Aww! This is so sweet, thank-you! <3