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***Edit: OMG you guys!!! You've put this 15 under 15 feature on the front page under trending journals :love: You are all so awesome for supporting this little feature, it makes me so happy that these artists will be getting some more love :heart:

Today, I decided to read all of the lit deviations in my message center.  I had about 50 or so, mostly from Flash Fiction Month that I just hadn't had the time to read and enjoy (I absolutely love Flash Fiction Month, but I watch a lot of lit deviants, so 31 times however many deviants that is...). And there were sooo many good ones! I definitely recommend checking out NamelessShe , Wolfrug , and distortified among others, give our lit category some love!! :heart:
This week, the panic is starting to set in for Christmas.  I have several gifts that I still really need to buy and also one for a gift exchange that I need to make! All of the ones I need to buy for are the tough people that give me a hard time every year.  I mean, what do I give my grandmother?? The woman deserves an island for all she does, but I surely can't afford that =P  Who is the hardest person on your list to buy for?

And without much further ado, I present you with this week's 15 under 15 feature!
Marketa cb by xxboneUntitled by Dressed-In-White
sun by ElenaStrawberry
blue doors by stolentime

DS-234 by DS-sanchez
1901 by XiaoLin94
Flora by BridgetKimberly
The view by Mijagiphotography
Alice and the white rabbit by LunaraniaIsis
noir o1 by classicsmile

[Joringis] by wdx

Tread Lightly by ringlessgold

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