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    It's been an insane last few weeks.  My central A/C has been acting up, and my dad kept attempting to fix it by replacing parts, and it would just randomly stop working again.The whole thing, to be honest, was shooting my anxiety through the roof. I have a very strong tendency to assume the worst of every situation, and I KNEW the whole unit was a goner and I was going to have to replace the whole thing which would be at least a few thousand dollars. Finally, on Tuesday evening, we got a guy out to look at it, and apparently it had something to do with the fan motor and $250 later I had a working A/C. So, that was nice. It's in the 90s here with insane humidity, so no A/C is practically a death sentence. Thus, I've been staying with my parents, which frankly felt very odd! Now that I'm finally back at home, everything feels so much more normal.  It's nice to get back my regular routine! :heart: 
I have also been binging the heck out of shows on Netflix.  I finished the new seasons of Glow and Anne with an E, and now I'm rewatching Stranger Things (this show is so freaking good). Not sure what I'll be watching next, but I definitely need something new with all of the editing I need to get done!

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