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For my 100th 15 under 15 Feature, I asked you if you could do your very own 15 under 15 feature!  I told myself "Nobody has the time to do that, Ashley. Nobody is going to do one!" Thankfully I was wrong, I don't usually like to be proven wrong, but I was glad this time ;) I love the art everybody chose, and I encourage you to go check them out! Thank you so much to everybody who participated!
15 under 15Queen-Kitty is celebrating 15 Under 15 Feature 100!!!
And she challenged us to feature our own 15 finds with under 15 favourites!!!
Here are mines!!!

Secret Entrance by Writers-Dreamed
Cheshire Cat by Ma-n
And these are STOCK images <3
6k3a9360 by SabsArt
stockrules stock s by Drastique-Plastique
Moisakula 400 by MASYON
20 under 20

Artworks by fairiesandfancies :heart:

15 under 15I have decided to jump on the 15 under 15 bandwagon!
I am here to showcase 15 deviations with under 15 favs.:la:
Why? You ask. Well I believe that artist/writers with a large audience base can help those who don't have one.
So, here are the others in this series:

Please show them some love!
Now for my feature.

And for you literature people:

Enjoy the Feature and keep the love m
15 under 15

Autumn goddess by Black-Bl00d
New Ways I by EmiNguyen
Bride by JuanMartinCruzR
Fairy Tale by Alliot-art
Lighthouse on Agate 3 by Nevuela
15 under 1515 under 15 is an awesome feature idea whee you showcase 15 artwork with fewer than 15 favs. Queen-Kitty kitty recently submitted her 100th feature! And after seeing LualaDy and MegapixelMasterpiece also submitting their own installments I decided I had to take part in the fun! :D 

Here are my picks! Show them some love :love:


Starwars Fanart - Jedi Monk by Mwjkottens
spaceship by danielmarquezart
Beyond the Green Fire by Under-O
Starflowers by Bleubirdt
I need you alive by MissKiwiArt
Make your own, show us what's lurking way deep in the dA galleries. :eager:
15 Under 15Queen-Kitty is celebrating 15 Under 15 Feature 100!!!
And she challenged us to feature our own 15 finds with under 15 (And LualaDy also challenged me too =D (Big Grin))
So here is my attempt. Enjoy!



Apo3D-170322-24-81-11-43 by highlandbarley
Flying of Heat by MikeRhys 
The Girl From Another World -p4 by linkVuong
Schneegloeckchen by Silberblau
Want to see more of the art I favourited check out

Also thank you so much for all of my birthday wishes, the sheer amount was nearly overwhelming, I never expect that much love but I absolutely appreciate it :heart: And now onto our deviations of the week!

Peacocks by Kerry-jayneTrolual (Big fish) by annaorcaFeeling Smokey by AnnPhoenixArt*** by KhomenkoMakeUp Days 2015 by LinaSaksBless My Funk  by Veronica Modesto - SS18 by DiliaOviedoKarla by RobinBerglundYELLOW MELLOW by ellenapfefferphotodream. by ilmari-nen+++ by Malika117Alone Space by KirillSakrukin
Winter yearning. Part 2 by Last-Valentine


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Thank you for featuring!!!