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Curiosity killed the cat


Folklore Themed Beanie

Taylor Swift

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Art Feature: Love at its Core

This curated feature is brought to you by @Queen-Kitty. Are you a fan of the cute, wholesome, and romantic visuals commonly seen around Valentine’s Day? Then you’re gonna love the Lovecore aesthetic! As you could guess, this aesthetic is all about love, but it focuses mainly on the more affectionate, sweet, and cutesy aspects of love (particularly crushes) instead of the more seductive or erotic aspects. Fans of the aesthetic have also extended this love to friendships, self-love, and self-care. If you’re familiar with vintage Valentine’s Day cards from the 1950s and 1960s, you may already have an idea of what this aesthetic is about! Lovecore is often inspired by vintage elements like the aforementioned Valentine’s Day cards, but it can also be inspired by things like cottagecore or anime images (such as characters with hearts in their eyes). Popular lovecore colors obviously include red, pink, and white, and common visual themes include lots of hearts, love letters, ribbons

Team Features

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Deviantart llamas adopts : Closed


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g o l d - l i g h t

AI Art

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My Art as Inspiration

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Grand Teton Elk

Daily Deviations

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Bakery Break-In

DDs I've Suggested

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Gift Art and Commissions

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Forgotten Fairytales

Prints I Own

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The last unicorn

Fan Art

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Padme Amidala #6

Star Wars

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Cardan 3

Fairytales, Mythology, and Book Art

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Time for Growth


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We Go A-Riding With The Brothers


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Double May chocolate muffins


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Spring kitty

Digital Art

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Book Cave Dragon

Traditional Art

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Debutantes - 2

Disney Fan Art

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Alice in wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

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The Headmaster's Office

Harry Potter + Fantastic Beasts

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Stranger Things are afoot

Stranger Things

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Enchanted Riot|Hayley Williams + Taylor Swift OOAK

Artisan Crafts

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Olive Picking Wildflowers (2nd attempt)

I want to tell her Not to pick too many I want To tell her The day is ending Warm sun On our shoulders Cool breeze moves A liquid silver Through the grass Her life in the balance Hiding snakes


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Pride Vintage Text


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Blueberry Cake

Pixel Art + Emoticons

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The Dark.


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Film and Video

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DeviantArt: Moving Forward

It’s been just over a week since the full launch of the new DeviantArt and official sunset of the old version of the site. We wanted to provide a community update sharing additional insight and clarity regarding the new site and the realities of its existence and reception. CHANGES WE MADE One question we’ve received frequently is, “Why did you change the site at all?” The short answer is that the old version of DeviantArt wasn’t sustainable long-term. The longer, more thoughtful answer is twofold: one part code, and one part design. Code DeviantArt’s base code was built early, in Internet years. Every time we added a new feature, it had to be built on top of old code from the early 2000s, which meant more work in order for the site to scale to meet new technological advances. The decision was made to rebuild DeviantArt with a more modern framework, which makes it easier and faster to build new features without having to deal with cleaning up or rewriting old code. We reached the

Devious Collection

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Feature of my Watchers Part I

I couldnt be happier on DA and you're a very big part of it! Today I'd like to honor some of you (and I hope I will continue to do so soon) with a small feature - thanks to ALL my awesome watchers! P H O T O G R A P H Y D I G I T A L A R T T R A D I T I O N A L A R T Your art is brilliant, each piece in its own way, and I'd love it to be seen even more! :heart:


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Feature: Drawing fire and glow + undiscovered art

...And it's time for the second installment of the "tutorial collection + recent undiscovered art" feature series :la: Again - the feature will have three parts - one with tutorials/resources related to a specific topic (do suggest topics you're interested in! I'd love to hear from you about this ), then a selection of great artwork I have discovered recently with less than 50 favorites, and finally interesting community news such as contests or similar. I'll post one feature once a month, around the 15th, and I plan to keep this going for a while. With that out of the way, let's take a look at how to draw fire and glow! Now, we'll first look at the very basics. @TakenFlyght has an excellent guide to just this - how fire works, how the different kinds of fire look, and even a bit about smoke -, and @wysoka has a great one about how to draw a single flame: Now - you can draw fire in a lot of different styles, in a lot of different programs, and use a variety of techniques. From

Journal Promotion

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Astral Glitters - Pattern Pack


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INFJ stamp


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Star Wars Bento, BB-8 in a box!

You're BB-GR8

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Fashion in the Studio

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Men in Fashion

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Ladies in Red

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Dark Fashion

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Women with Cats

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Inktober 2018 day 4 - Colours

Fall Feelings

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People and Flowers

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