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Curiosity killed the cat
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Afternoon with Olive (eating fruit) by PelicanDeath, literature

My very first photo I submitted to DeviantArt!

Visiting the Water by Queen-Kitty, visual art

Artist // Photography
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Hi there! My name is Ashley Holloway, welcome to my DeviantArt page! :love:

Summer Nostalgia

:heart: Community Volunteer for Photography

:heart: Fashion and Art Photographer

:heart: Day Dreamer Extraordinaire

:heart: My heart is taken by a little apricot miniature poodle named Seren :love:

For booking, licensing, and other inquiries, email me at: dream@ashleyholloway.com Or use the contact form on my website: www.ashleyholloway.com

Art Vs The Artist
Autumnal Vibes

Favourite Visual Artist
Boo George, Tim Walker, Arthur Elgort, Carter Smith, Sebastian Kim, Julia Margaret Cameron, John William Waterhouse, Will Cotton, Marta Bevacqua, Vivienne Mok, Victoria Zeoli, Miss Kika, and the list goes on...
Favourite Movies
You've Got Mail, Jurassic Park, Enchanted, The Last Unicorn, The Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, The Princess Bride, The Secret Garden, 27 Dresses
Favourite TV Shows
Parks and Rec, Stranger Things, Anne with an E, The Magicians, Shadow & Bone, Lost in Space (the new one!), Riverdale (the first maybe two seasons...), The Order (how dare they cancel this show??)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Queen, The Hush Sound, Train, The Lumineers, Foreigner, Vance Joy, Bright Eyes, Billy Joel, Taylor Swift, Counting Crows, Gold Motel, Frank Sinatra
Favourite Books
The Raven Cycle, Wayward Children series, Mexican Gothic, Ninth House, Legendborn, House of Salt and Sorrows, The House in the Cerulean Sea, Dragonsinger, Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, Jurassic Park & The Lost World, Beauty (McKinley)
Favourite Writers
Anne McCaffrey, Robin McKinley, Michael Crichton, Patricia C. Wrede, Dan Brown, L.M. Montgomery, Erin A Craig, Rebecca Roanhorse,Riley Sager, Leigh Bardugo, Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Tools of the Trade
Olympus OMD EM1 and E-3 camera bodies + Olympus 50mm, Olympus 9-18mm, and Olympus 14-54mm ; as well as a huge stash of Polaroid and other instant film cameras
Other Interests
Cats, Fashion, photography, watercolors, vintage, plants, jackalopes, birds, reading, gardening, classic rock, poetry, mac & cheese, dinosaurs, old movies, breakfast food, cooking

Deviousness Award

Browse through Queen-Kitty’s gallery, and you’ll find photographic evidence that fairytales exist. Soft, ethereal and fantastical, she casts an otherworldly-vintage glow on her subject matter. She demonstrates her care and commitment to the DeviantArt community through curated features, her participation within multiple groups and, of course, as a beloved member of the Community Volunteer team. Queen-Kitty pours everything into her craft and the community, and it is our honour to award her Deviousness for January 2023.
Awarded Jan 2023

DD Guidelines


I'm a Community Volunteer!

Send me DD suggestions :heart:

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I was formerly the fashion photography CV, but now I am VERY EXCITED to expand my reach and DD deviations that are considered photography, cosplay, and nude art. :love:For cosplay and nude art, my focus will be on DD'ing photography as that is where my expertise is :heart:


If you're not sure what a Daily Deviation is, you can check out the following links: FAQ#61: What is a Daily Deviation


Just hit the "NOTE" button on my profile page and add the subject: DD Suggestion. Please include a link to the deviation. You are welcome to add a reason why you think the deviant deserves a Daily Deviation!


FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?

FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

Llama Farm

Deviant Art Llama  3 By Lunarstormpheonix Dfa6yz3-

Flora the llama was adopted from @LunarStormPheonix :heart:

2022 was one of the toughest years on record for me. It was sad and difficult, and I felt like I was losing my hope a lot of the time that it would ever get better. We lost both of my family dogs, Tug and Braxton, to sudden illnesses, we had to move my grandfather with dementia into a memory care unit, Seren had a lot of little health problems, and a lot of the time I felt like I was just hemorrhaging money (it was an incredibly expensive year between getting a new roof so home insurance would cover me, Seren's many vet visits, and other various surprise expenses). And oh boy, the anxiety. It was freaking rough, and I tried my best to give myself grace and practice self-care, but it sure did take a lot of tears to make it through. Then, in the last week of 2022, I got covid for the first time and the lift station on my house was on the fritz due to a part going bad. Felt like a rough exit to the year. HOWEVER, through all of the terrible parts of 2022, there were also some bright
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I feel like the theme of my updates this year is that I'm struggling. And when I'm struggling, I somehow tend to remind myself "hey you should do an art feature on DA." Not sure how that works, but I guess it's a good excuse to get lost in some beautiful artwork. This year has been...well...a lot. Every time I get over one hurdle, it feels like the next one is coming up just after, and I'm getting tired and I'm struggling to clear the obstacles. And if the next hurdle isn't right after the other then my mind searches tirelessly for things that *might* be hurdles and anticipates disaster around every bend. And sometimes those things that I think might turn into hurdles, do actually turn into hurdles, thus reinforcing to my brain that "oh shit, you better keep anticipating those hurdles!!" It is surprisingly exhausting for your brain to constantly ruminate on small details that could determine what could go wrong next. So, I guess what I'm saying is that my anxiety has been particularly
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Spooky season, that is. Here's a feature of some of the magical, spooky, and seasonal artworks I've come across lately! I hope you enjoy :heart:
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Catwalk Talk

Catwalk Talk is a is a monthly series of interviews that I do! The interviews will be with up-and-coming as well as established DeviantArt fashion photographers, where you get to find out about the person behind the camera! Each interview is meant to inspire and inform.

Interview with Silkephoto

Interview with 0kmidnight

Interview with JosefineJonssonPhoto

Interview with Kendra-Paige

Interview with Bwaworga

Interview with Laura-Ferreira

Interview with fairyladyphotography

Interview with DiliaOviedo

Interview with AngelikaZbojenska

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Interview with aarontyree

Interview with Lisa-MariePhotog

Interview with GretheFenyx

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Interview with Pixiepot

Interview with DanOstergren

Interview with Luciekout

Interview with CeroArt

Interview with DarkVenusPersephonae

Interview with Kamakebelieve

Interview with VioletaNeamtu

Project Educate Articles

@projecteducate is an amazing group all about art and community education, and I am so thrilled to have written quite a few articles for them :heart: Totally recommend checking the group out!

Why I Shoot Film in 2015 // Welcome to Commercial and Fashion Photography Week // Interview with Vampire-Zombie // Interview with XiaoLin94 // Studio Vs. Location // Lightroom Tips and Tricks // Oooh, Fashion for Gallery Descriptions and Miscats Week // Art is a Passion for Community Week

Interviews with Me!

These are some good places to find out more about me and my art (and also to find out what I think AFK stands for...)

Meet Your CV by @brennennn

Artspiration by @JenFruzz for @ThumbHub:heart:

Snowball: Someone likes you, and it's snow joke! (16)
Shimmering Snowball: Joined the Great Snowball Fest of 2022
Shimmering Snowball
How to Draw a Raven: You participated in the tutorial!
How to Draw a Raven
King Llama: Llamas are awesome! (2855)
Pac-Man Cake: Looking to eat tiny ice cream scoops (5)

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Thank you for the llama =)

You're welcome!

Congratulations on the award!! You have beautiful cosplayers, and an amazing talent!! You deserve a llama!!

Congrats! Also a fun little fact about your tagline, the full phrase is: Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back. I hope you have a lovely new year and I love your content, keep up the good work!!

haha yes, I always hope the satisfaction is going to save me :giggle:Thank you so much for the kind words, and I hope 2023 treats you well!