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lol Anyways I have gone and created/ updated the new account.  There's mostly stuff just from this gallery, with a few new bits thrown in. ~ChristieAnne (https://www.deviantart.com/christieanne):iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne: :iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne: :iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne: :iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne: :iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne::iconChristieAnne: So yes!  I will no longer be updating here, it wi
New Account?
This is something I've been thinking about for a while now, because this username is embarassing. How many people would follow me over to a new account if I switched? ________________________________________________________________ Commissions? -> http://queen-christie.deviantart.com/journal/18810989/ ________________________________________________________________ ~superior-git (https://www.deviantart.com/superior-git):iconQueen-Christie: :iconmonroeplz::icontuxedoplz: Get over it!
HOW DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS SHIT No seriously there was less then a hundered pages of half-decent plot in there The rest of it was Mary-Sue and Marty-Stu saying how much they love each other and then Marty-Stu going "sparkle sparkle!" and the showing off how awesome and beautiful he is I believe other people are better at venting their rage in non-violent ways than I am so here are some awesome Twilight responses: http://cheshirecaticus.deviantart.com/art/OMG-TWILIGHT-MEME-104202888 http://otahyoni.livejournal.com/130432.html ________________________________________________________________ Commissions? -> http://queen-christie.deviantart.c


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taintedblissHobbyist General Artist

I used your baby plant stock image here. ->[link] <-
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HEY! What up? LOL I miss talking to you. [link]
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Thanks for the watch.
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thank you for the watch!
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hiiii^^...how r u? do u've msn?
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haha I'm good, you?

And sorry I only give my msn out to people I know personally
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i'm f9^^...but...i don't have nobody for talking in my msn..u.u'...sorry for ask ur...is bcuz i don't have friends right now..not anymore...