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Something Different


Every day you stare to the west, to the south.

You can see for miles, but things never change.

Then honey in your ears, spice in your mouth.

Nothing's as surprising as the taste of something strange.

- The Band’s Visit, David Yazbek

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Gosh, this is one of my favourites from you. I saw this on Tumblr and fell in love.
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I liked it at the time but now I kinda hate it, lol.
It's the shape of her body and the dress. I must've painted over it 100 times, I couldn't get it to look right. Glad you like it though!
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i like how it's ''painty''
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the hair is wow, just wow.
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This is really pretty!!
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i looove her hair! elegant!~
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i love your artwork!
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God this is beautiful! I love her hair. great job!
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THIS IS THE SECOND BAND'S VISIT ART I'VE SEEN EVER ugh this show has no fanart I need to do my own when I'm not busy I'm so glad you drew it! It seems like no one knows about it, the fandom is so small!
That being said HELLO this is GORGEOUS.  She is so pretty! I love her hair by the way. The color is so beautiful,and her dress is spot on. I love your patterns. And how you paint over sketches and yet it looks finished at the same time? Just so great~ You're a great artist. :)
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