Crazy Wager

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A room in an asylum.

Sam: 1...3...5...

Isabella: [offstage] 7...9...11...

Sam: Who's there? [pause] ...18...21...24...27...30...

Isabella: [enter] Why do you always end on a multiple of 5?

Sam: I like round numbers.  5...10...15...20...

Isabella: 25...30...35...

Sam: Nicely done.

Isabella: It's not that hard.

Sam: Who are you anyway? How'd you get in? They don't usually let people in here.

Isabella: I don't need people to let me in.

Sam: Are you even real?

Isabella: I'm standing in front of you, aren't I?

Sam: Well, then, how'd you get in?

Isabella: Walls aren't exactly the most effective barrier, you know.

Sam: So, what are you, a ghost? My God, I really am crazy.

Isabella: Yes and no.

Sam: Yes an---what?

Isabella: Yes, I am a ghost and no, you aren't crazy.

Sam: So, you're haunting me?

Isabella: No, silly. What a stupid question!

Sam: Well, I'm locked up here, you're walking through walls, I'm a human, you're a ghost, I definitely didn't invite you in here. Sounds like haunting to me.

Isabella: Trust me, if I were haunting you, you would know it. Besides, you should know who I am.

Sam: Yes, of course....who are you?

Isabella: You don't remember, but you will.

Sam: I remember this place. It used to be a place of birth and happiness. Now it's just for "crazies" like me.

Isabella: Yes, I was born here. So were you.

Sam: Yeah, then it was torn down a year later and turned into this nightmare. [long pause] Are there other ghosts around here?

Isabella: Yes, we help the patients. Comfort them, calm them down, keep them somewhat sane.

Sam: But...but I don't belong here. I'm not crazy!

Isabella: I know, but I thought you might like some company.

Sam: I suppose. How old are you, anyway?

Isabella: 13

Sam: That would mean you were born in---

Isabella: The same year as you, yes. Same day, in fact. You seem to be remembering.

Sam: A...a little more, yeah.

Isabella: It's just a matter of time. [Pause. Holds out a deck of cards.] Want to play?

Sam: Go fish?

Isabella: What do you think we are? Kindergarteners? We're playing poker. [She deals.]

Sam: So, you can't, like, see through the cards or anything?

Isabella: [Laughing] No. Now, [short pause] what's your wager?

Just a little something I had to work up for drama.
Here it is Mary!

Pee Es: It's ok if you don't get it. It's meant to be a little confusing. Unfortunately, I fear that it is on too high of a brain wave for my drama class, so I may just look like a complete fool. Ugh, oh well.

And yes, I was too lazy to make up character names. Deal.
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I rather like it! For a moment i thought it WAS Dracawyn. She`s crazy like that. ^^
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Queen---of---Spades|Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks! That's such an honor! I'm so glad you like it too!
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Careful, don`t wanna give `er a big head. ^^
As if my use of compliments dosen`t do that to people already.
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Queen---of---Spades|Hobbyist Photographer
Ha ha, true that!
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Dracawyn|Professional Writer
Ah! That's great fun! I love how you... I don't know how to explain it. You're just amazing at characterization. I love reading your stuff. You should give yourself more credit, 'cause you're pretty stinkin' awesome.
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Queen---of---Spades|Hobbyist Photographer
Aw, thanks, love! I'm glad somebody gets it other than me and Isabella! ^^ Yay! :glomp:
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