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The Hollywood Record

July 2, 1954

U.S. Army Scientist: Chronic Female Lycanthropy Likely to Be Soviet Bio-Weapon

By Ralph Brach
, U.S. News Desk

Speaking from anonymity, a source within the U.S. Army's Bluegrass Chemical Weapons Depot said that based on the available evidence, the disease known as Chronic Female Lycanthropy is most likely a Soviet-made biological weapon.  The source went into detail about his research into the disease, explaining that research had been underway since November of last year and much had been learned from study of the body of an infected woman who died in a car accident.  While the physical processes which cause transformation are not yet fully understood, the only common sense explanation, according to the source, is that the Soviets, likely with the aid of captive Nazi scientists, somehow found a way to harness an unknown force theorized to be atomic physics or a powerful manmade virus.  The source further added that other explanations are being considered, but he believed a natural cause to be unlikely.

The explanation for why the Soviets deployed this unusual bio-weapon instead of a nuclear or chemical attack is unknown.  The source believed it likely that the Reds plan to weaken the West with a disease that defiles American women as the prelude to a future invasion.

Although no headway has been made on finding a cure, studies of infected women reveal a depth of information about the disease itself.  Upon infection, it causes a violent, painful transformation from woman into a large, unnaturally deformed wolf-creature.  This transformation typically lasts one or more hours until the woman returns to her natural form.  Unfortunately, unlike the Wolfman of film, those infected with Chronic Female Lycanthropy become permanently on the cusp of change.  Neither the moon nor prayer nor inner virtue can control bestial transformations.  The vectors of the disease are unknown, but if the U.S. Army’s theory proves to be true, the story behind the beginning of the disease will need detectives, not scientists, to fully unravel.

For reasons of public safety, infected women are encouraged to stay in their homes, avoid other women, and immediately report their condition to the authorities.  All women, regardless of age, should avoid contact with the infected.  They can be identified by their excess hair, yellow eyes, and pointed ears.
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Pencilartguy Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017
Oh my... Poor girls. It makes me wonder, how is society going to treat these women infected with lycanthropy?
QuebecoisWolf Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017
That question is explored a bit in the new article.  The next ones will definitely delve deeper into it.
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