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The Way of a lonly Warrior's Dream

Projects in my head and I work on (besides everything else)
Comics and Artbooks: (General)

Needless to say, large projects need a lot of time and especially money. Since the cash is a little tight, I have to take it slow. Since the development has higher costs than the budget can currently bear, which is why very time intensive projects are taking longer and longer. I will still work in them but fuck the system I will do it in small steps.

Meanwhile, I can go back to write stories and try to be an artist again, over all those years. I work hard for my dream so... I will take the time I need, no matter what. Below you can see bigger projects which I work on in the moment with other artists.


#1. "Knighthood & Honor" - Summary:

The kingdom of Khalban attracted many brave warriors to its boundaries and really bold ones even furthermore. Like many other mercenaries, warriors, and knights, especially two unique men traveled far to come to Khalban. Their thirst for adventures and chinking steel were unmatched. So they left for the said kingdom, which was meant to be young and wild and a place to allay the bellicosity for a good cause. This confirmed their opinion for doing the right thing.

These two knights were none other than Volmar from Bernsttet, the iron lumberjack and Gildas Ulrichson from Jesttet, the most chivalric of all knights. Their story began in a forest of wild and unexplored lands in the north of Khalban. In a hard fight for the honor of being the strongest knight in all of Khalban, both fought truely tirelessly for their pride and glory. Each battle calls for a winner or a loser. Or will both knights meet an unexpected fate?


In Cooperation with Zach Sharpe
from the Lordran & Beyond Team
and with Artsed



In a manner of overwhelming inspiration, I started drawing my current OC Diara in a modern outfit. Even though she is a mage in a fantasy world. It went better than I thought I could handle myself.

(Well, I took references and maybe it looks too similar to said references... I'm not that good... Seriously, I must practice more.)

Img 20190506 213634 by Qube-Core
"Easterbunny, Easterbunny!
Tell me, what's so funny?"
"Eggs red, green and blue,
and still you got no clue?"
"Why so happy all day long,
singing this one eary song?"
"Because people pay so much attention to me,
as the same as for the son of god you see!"
"This is truly ironic,
to be as much iconic."


Happy easter Holidays!
(I was just bored while writting this "poem".)
Img 20181003 215742 by Qube-CoreSomehow I'm not able to finish this one... I tried so often to motivate me, but I do fail all the time. Even if I made a second version (which is not on this photo-version), I still don't feel like I can make it to an end.

And as long as it takes, I start to think I shouldn't complete it until I got more motivation or skill to do so.
Nothing new here. Just working day after day. Creativity and motivation are zero. I still have some collaborative projects running, but to slow, to show more stuff regularly. Better days will come. Until then, I prepare a lot of briefings for future artwork and projects. At least I will be prepared Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
I wish all of you joyful holidays and a merry Christmas!
For all of you a lot of health and happiness!
Stay the way you are and hopefully, the new year will start great for us all soon!
May you all be blessed.
Stay safe and sound, people.

Thinking about taking/accepting bookbinding-commission...

Some may know, or not at all, that I'm actually a bookbinder (main-profession). So I was wondering if I should develop a commission sheet with all possible products, and prices and most of all, to be of service for everyone interested in ordering a handmade book. I will try to keep the prices agreeable for both sides, even thought, I do not know which shipper / Mail-order firm would be good for such cases. Well, as you can see, I can do the books but have problems with further details. Like which range of material I should use or offer for my customers, because not all of them are always available, cheap or easy to work with. I guess, that was it in short.

Artwork and Photography...

This part will be short to explain: I will try to make more photos, upload them from some of my travels and maybe finally to finish my work to organize them. Also, I always wanted to make a photobook of my journey in Chernobyl and Prypjat. But besides all that, I want to encourage myself to draw more myself. And even if it will be only uncolored sketches or lineart, well, I better start to do things more by myself too, if I want to reach my final goals in my life. Only writing stories, won't help me to get closer.

The lack of Progress of Collaborations and more...

First of all, my biggest problem at the moment is beside the unsure maintenance of my main job (which I pretty need for my income), is the money of course as you may think, but mostly and surprisingly: I'm out of ideas. It's a shame and I take the blame. Also, I'm lacking of energy to go further. There are indeed a lot of awesome artists out there, but I can't handle it anymore. For sure I got some solid project with small and very slow progress, but they will take a lot of time anyway. So, those things will become rarer, I suppose. My apologies for that.


Qube-Core's Profile Picture
David Ramharter
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
About myself:
I´m an creative person with the passion for literature, art and bookbinding. I want to share my ideas and find new inspiration arround the world!

- my Job: Bookbinder
- my Hobby: Author // Photographer
- my destiny: idea producting machine
- my business-goal: Company Man

- I'm not an: Artist
- I just own this artwork for my characters and ideas!
- I want to be an: Artist (i try... and cry)
- Loves to get/collect Artwork


Everything I do or I work on is just in progress and not finished yet!
Please read my entry, if you want to know more!

But if you got any questions about the projects or something else contact me at:

Or send me a note... but don´t expect me to answer soon. Got a lot to do.


About QCC (my "fictitious" company concept idea):

The Qube-Core Company (QCC) stands for creative innovation, variety and the development of new paths, which have to be discovered and taken. If imagination is our magic, then phantasy is our spell. A single idea will be the spark that ignites the fire of the thirst for action. And even when everything should be doomed to failure, there is no doubt. It all began with a story and it will rise again this way.

- What exactly my aim for this dream of creativity?

1. Card Games
2. Comics
3. Books
4. Promotional Items & Merchandise
5. In the following years, maybe more stuff
6. Collaborations with other companies or creative people
7. (if even possible) Music and Video Games

At the end:
The "Q" in "Cube" was misspelled on... purpose.
(It´s obvious, Captain.)

Kure & Beko

2018: A Year of silent Progress

By Qube-Core, Feb 19, 2018, 10:32:54 PM
Journals / Personal

Where should I start? 2018 is only at the beginning and I'm absolute frustrated about my lack of faith. After a lot of things I have done other the last two years, I'm proud of all the artwork I got and all the collaborations and some of them were more than awesome: some of them somehow as amicable contact. I hope nobody is getting me wrong, because I'm happy about it, but I have doubts about my ability and competency to do my own part right. Especially when it comes to doing the advertise and the announcement of a project.

So, why is 2018 going to be a silent year of progress? It's quite simple: because I need time to make things right for myself before I can feel comfortable about it. But money is also a big reason why everything can't go the easy way. AND because I'm not a mentally stable person at all.

Oh my, I better get back on my "plans" for this year:
- completing an Artbook (Gates into other Worlds) in collaboration with Nele Diel (
- completing the Comic "Knighthood & Honor" in collaboration with Zach Sharpe from the Lordran & Beyond Team ( and with Artsed (
- trying to collect enough money to buy some professional machines and more tools for bookbinding
- making plans to renovate an old room with my brother (his a bricklayer) to make a workshop/workroom
- investigate a functional digital archive for all my projects and ideas, where I can find everything easily
- finally making some photo books of my holidays for myself
- doing commission from time to time for sure
- to finish ideas for board games and card games
- trying to be more creative (more writing and drawing somehow)
- to find a way or "de wey" to feel not so damn depressed so often
- helping friends with there projects (for free, because I'm a good boy)
- invest in some awesome kickstarter campaigns (like "Blossom Detective Holmes")
- as always: to find more ways to make money so I can make more commissions (crazy)
- finish some stories or rework some old ones
- invest more focus on special OC's and stories (more for myself)
- praising Chàót incarnation of Chaos (one of the said OC's)
- find some rest without feeling lazy and sloth... (because being slothful is a sin)
- to stay strong and not break down

Aaaaand that's it. I hope nobody has expected something special or fancy.

Have a nice day, week, month and year everyone!
May your dreams guide your way!


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