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Open your Mind Stamp

By quazo
Artist's Note: I'm so glad you all enjoy this stamp so much, but could you please check out the rest of my gallery? You might like what you find! Thanks!

Yet some more words I live by, inspired by recent events, some of which pertained to my other stamps. Irony at it's finest, I say.

To me, "Open Your Mind Before You Open Your Mouth" is basically like saying "STFU until you know WTF you're talking about," but with a bit more tact.

:+fav: if you support the idea. Put the stamp in your journal, subscribers! Inform the unintelligent masses that when they open their traps without doing their homework, we reach for blunt objects!

Edit: Featured here! [link]

This image is (C) Nick Foy. Do not use, sell, edit, or distribute without my permission!
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Meagpie2497's avatar
This is wonderful and I share your opinion! Using.
roxya1's avatar
Real words of wisdom!
phieriksonn's avatar
May I use this? It's lovely ^^
Colorful-Bruises's avatar
TanukiWings's avatar
Using! This is such a good message~
MidnightWaifuWaffles's avatar
I'm sorry but this reminds me so much of motionless in white i love it ;;
phieriksonn's avatar
I KNOOOWWWWW it's my fevorite thing
TheMenaceAtHand's avatar
Sad that people need to be reminded of this, but it is oh so true.
Navy-Blue-Falconet's avatar
There is a reason why I hardly talk about sensitive stuff.

Apparently, the biggest mistake some people do is ask for an honest opinion, and once you give it to them, they'll call you every bad name in existence.
Shadow-Patch's avatar
Yep. Someone said they wanted me to tell them my opinion right to their face. My friend told her that she had shit art (she was being honest) and the girl hid her comments and blocked her because she can't handle that fact that some people don't love her
semerl's avatar
Leftists, authoritarians, and uh... rightists tell others and eachother to be more open-minded despite being closed-minded themselves.
TheCrimsongeorgia's avatar
This is an idea I can get behind.
WolfCookieQueen's avatar
Open your mind
BEFORE you turn on your CAPS lock.
TheScarletMercenary's avatar
Now this is something I need. :)
Random-Stuff-On-dA's avatar
Just like think before you speak/act.
DWN966KuruMan's avatar
I am an open-minded person. I'll keep it open, no matter what!
Ask-Keith's avatar
Am i the only one who thinks of Creatures by Motionless In White?
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