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Artist's Note: I'm so glad you all enjoy this stamp so much, but could you please check out the rest of my gallery? You might like what you find! Thanks!

I remember a time when I would play video games, read comic books, and watch movies like Star Wars or The Matrix and get ridiculed for it. Now it seems like everyone embraces these things. Did the (fingerquotes) "cool" people have some sort of meeting and secretly admit to themselves that we geeks are the cool ones?

Perhaps they realize that the geeks rule the world with our superior gaming skills, tech-support abilities, and our wicked-sexy pocket protectors.

:+fav: if you've proudly been a geek for as long as you can remember. Or just :+fav: if you like/support the idea. Let me know if you use it too, so I can check it out on your page!
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Been a geek as long a I can remember. I'm almost 43, still love Star Wars and Star Trek. Grow up watching Robotech, Transformers and reading comics. Still going strong today.