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Geek before it was cool stamp

By quazo
Artist's Note: I'm so glad you all enjoy this stamp so much, but could you please check out the rest of my gallery? You might like what you find! Thanks!

I remember a time when I would play video games, read comic books, and watch movies like Star Wars or The Matrix and get ridiculed for it. Now it seems like everyone embraces these things. Did the (fingerquotes) "cool" people have some sort of meeting and secretly admit to themselves that we geeks are the cool ones?

Perhaps they realize that the geeks rule the world with our superior gaming skills, tech-support abilities, and our wicked-sexy pocket protectors.

:+fav: if you've proudly been a geek for as long as you can remember. Or just :+fav: if you like/support the idea. Let me know if you use it too, so I can check it out on your page!
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Been a geek as long a I can remember. I'm almost 43, still love Star Wars and Star Trek. Grow up watching Robotech, Transformers and reading comics. Still going strong today.

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Still cool!!! :aww:
LumosHunter's avatar
thanks fellow geek person
Strangey101's avatar
YESSSSSS I'm using this stamp now :D
TheMenaceAtHand's avatar
Yep. I'm a geek, and damn proud of it.
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Huh? I'm cool? Guess I'm the coolest kid in school! XD 'cause I love history (partly because of hetalia,where my hetalians at?) I love diffrent kinds of music (even play a few instruments) I'm in love with movies and not just the "good" movies (you know movies which get a lot of cred for begin " a piece of art" but, in reality they are pretty badly made) I love art. I have a big obbsession with books, anime, cartoons, TV shows, manga and video games! So why aren't I popular? Guess most "cool geeks" are in fact pretty lousy geeks.

Whatever! I have always been a geek, and I will always be a geek!
Artsypickle's avatar
Heh I was a nerd whenever I was Four I always loved watching the sonic TV shows and playing the old sonic games and yes I liked the original pac-man too I played Mario as well and read some comics but not always and I liked to play Videogames and all that other nerdy and geeky stuff^_^ but I also liked to do girly stuff once in a while lol
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I never say I'm a geek. 

I'm not and never was. however, I'm a lone wolf and have some knowledge in maths and physics so everyone calls me a geek. weird. 

So, you were a geek at the time Linus Torvalds was still a kid? :D
HitlerKiller66's avatar
I am a geek and I didn't even knew it was cool.
TheRavenousRaven's avatar
I have recently developed my geeky side through comic books. 
FyRose's avatar
Love this stamp!
Been a geek all my life, read books and played video games and I was ridiculed too.People would just think I was wierd.
No one wanted to be my friend back then.

Now that they finally embraced being geeks, I just roll my eyes at them... :I
PurpleTourtise's avatar
Considering you clicked this stamp, I'm guessing you either are a geek, or you came here to critisize. If the first thing I said applies to you, checkout my group. Now... Have a nice day I guess... Or... Sweet dreams.
Peacebuggy's avatar
I remember those days >"<
CheshireCatGirl11's avatar
Its a awesome stamp :) I will be using it 
asdflove's avatar
Forgot to say this before, but this has been part of my stamp wall for a while. :)
FallenReader's avatar
For ol' times geeks +fav Using! n.n
GreenPatches's avatar
This is so true! I'm going to use this stamp :D
TwlightDawn's avatar
I used this stamp hope you don't mind :)
NitendoFan92's avatar
it because said obscure fandome are becoming pop
Dreaming-Dog's avatar
Almost half of my classes are claiming to be 'geeks' yet they don't hang out with me or even diss me for being a nerd/geek. What irony. They think nerds wear large glasses, wear pickpocket shirts, hold calculators,etc. Stereotypes. Boy, do I hate them.

I've been a geek/nerd since I was 3. I actually do geeky shit and damn proud of what I like and want to do with my electronics. While they're off shopping at Forever21 or talking about gossip in malls, I'm usually found in my room on my laptop 24/7 or in my room playing video games like Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Alice:Madness Returns, Assassin's Creed, etc. for hours. I would be DAMNED that now people only use this label for attention. I did NOT spent almost my whole life as a social outcast to be mocked like this in the end! Geeks/Nerds 4 life. Just sayin'.
starthezorua's avatar
Its annoying. They're using it to get attantion. Sure not all geeks like eachother, but why the hell would the "geeks" pick on other geeks because they like geeky things? They're fake! We're the real ones!

Geeks for life!!
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I use diz stamp!
MoonlightTyger's avatar
Heck yes; I was busy watching Zoids and playing Pokemon while all my friends were into soccer and makeup. I am a geek and I am proud ^^ Great stamp!
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