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My Bio
Head artist and writer of the online comic Otakuz With a Z, Quazo is less than a God but more than a man. He tours the midwest, selling his arts and assorted crafts at various anime conventions. Perhaps one day, he'll come to YOUR town!

Favourite Visual Artist
Roman Dirge, John K, Scott Kurtz, Mike Krahulik, Kris Straub
Favourite Movies
Sucker Punch, Scott Pilgrim, Pulp Fiction, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Favourite TV Shows
Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, The Simpsons
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Say Anything, Lady Gaga
Favourite Books
Stuff White People Like, Azumanga Daioh
Favourite Writers
Jerry Holkins, and just about anyone who can write a dirty haiku.
Favourite Games
Zelda: OoT, Portal, Rock Band, Pokemon Black, FF:TA
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo DSi, Wii, XBox 360
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, Paper, digital camera, Photoshop, brownies, my brainmeats.
Other Interests
Anime, internet, art, music, video games, conventions
Hi there! If you're a judge for an artist alley or dealer booth for a convention and you came here looking for samples of my work, I'd like to take a moment to say thank you for your consideration! I've been attending conventions since 2003 and have been active in Artist Alleys since 2008, so I know my way around a 2'x6' table space (or 2'x8' if you're fancy!). I sell things like prints, buttons, charms, and zines as well as promote my YouTube channel, Mug & Play, where I play indie games and have a good ol' time!
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Hello, everyone. Is anyone still even here? If so, hello! I've been crazy busy! Con season for 2016 is just about done so I've begun focusing on some other projects as of late that I want to bring to the forefront of my attention. First up, I will slowly return to Artist Alleys, as for how many and how frequently, not sure yet. My YouTube channel has been taking on more of my focus and I love it. Recording, editing, drawing stuff for it, building the brand, it's all super cool and fun. Stephanie and I play games, and I throw in some speedpaints of channel art and comics! Find it here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxj1SWwRzQP5tVczFkBvHh
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Hello, everyone! I know I don't update on here as much as I should, but that's changing for 2015! I got my start here on devinatArt years and years ago, and it'd be silly of me to not fully utilize the site the way I used to. There's still lots of fantastic artists on here at many different levels of experience and I want to contribute! 2014 has been very good to me, but I'll be the first to admit that I could have done some things better, including being more active on here. I know a lot of convention organizers look here for references and the last thing I want them to see is a gallery of art that hasn't been touched in ages. Draw every d
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nick mofo'n foy. you showed me how to get to mr jenkins art class. FOREVER CHANGING THE COURSE OF HISTORY. well at least for me anyway. just wanted to say hi, since i'm recently back into DA haha. im happy youre doing well for yourself. keep doin what youre doing with the comic and being awesome in general.  
This shows how often I check dA, haha. Hope you're doing well, too! Hopefully I'll see you at a convention sometime! Stay awesome!
Yo! We met at AMKE, sorry it took me a while to add you, things got busy on my end ^^;
Hi. My name is Tracy. I was the girl who asked you about the Nerd Hot t-shirt at Youmacon 2014. After relaxing for a week I was looking through all of my business cards, and I'm am so sorry but I derped and lost your card that had your email on it. I am still interested in buying the shirt. Sorry again for losing your card.
No problem! You can email me at quazo [at] owaz-comic [dot] com. :)
Yo, it's me! We met at youmacon over the weekend, remember?
Hey It's a Me :D I was at colossalcon the one who was mario looking at the gardevoir pics and the next day I was a pokemon trainer :)