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Well everyone I'm back from my long vacation break, I had a ton of fun. The hardest flight to go through was from Michigan to Germany. You should see my passport picture heh I look mean, Well Germany was my first vacation stop. Right away I pulled out my camera to take pictures ( total vacation useage of film 1024 MB, Thats 4, 256 mb cards) I went to a couple of bars in Germany (Vwondersex) was the only thing that came to mind at " The Slave Den" I found that was the name of the bar After I went in, because my translator was being stupid "The Slammin' Den" was my translator's output of it, but I had a great time in there Had a bondage show to watch while drinking, and just having a ton of fun. German girls are like the guys at any other bar " flirting, buying drinks ect." During the show they took people at random to be part of the show, go me I was the one to be tied to the "wheel of pain" I was poked by many different things including an electric shock rod, That is a neat toy! Enough about the bars, I do have a life besides going there. I seen many beautiful buildings, some interesting people and yes pictures upon request. ( Trina you never gave me an address for postcards, but don't worry I have them still. ) After a week of site seeing My time with Germany had come to an end. Off to the airport I went, and off to Shang Hai, China.

     China is a much different envirnment, everyone is so nice to you, lots of bowing, and streets of people trying to sell the same thing next to each other, competition is fierce out there. Chinese people are very scary drivers as well. During my stay I mostly was in Shang Hai, but I was also able to go to Xehinn, another major city in China. It was suggested to me to go to a massage parlor...WOW! Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have ever seen the movie "Rush Hour 2, and get to see the Heaven on Earth scene." That's about what it is like. When I was waiting for my turn :) two other people, ,speaking american were talking about an open stlye martial arts tournament, so I had to interupt them and ask how do I get in that. I was given directions to the tournament and I was so excited to see it. After my amazing massage, and a long hot tub session I was off to my hotel to get ready and try and find the place, Thank you Lui Cko "Chris" for getting me a one way ticket to the event. Chris was one of the gentlemen at the hotel who could speak english to help me get there. I get to the arena and there are just thousands of people waiting for the start of the fights. I was a little lost at first, but once the fights started it was pretty simple to find my way around. So many different styles I witnessed and so many bets going around ( I won about 10 bets) I think one of the most interesting styles to watch was the Drunken boxing style, wow do they ever kick some major ass though! I watched an american get beat with just an inch of his life left, he took a pounding by a Tai Chi master, ( I think I spelled that right) All of the competitors were black belts, so they weren't like watching 2 year olds get their first belt. I think the fastest "Kill" was 30 seconds, His nose got broke the first second of the fight, it was stopped but he wanted to continue, he lost very badly. The drunken box style was declared the winner of the tournament, and I was off to collect my winnings. After it was over I went to a nice restraunt ( it was a chinese reatraunt obviouslly before you ask) But it was Chinese, chinese food. Not American chinese food. I had spent Christmas in China, not too much went on that day ( probably because they dont celebrate it the same day) more pictures were taken, obviouslly and my time with China was coming to an end, for my last and final stop was yet another long journey, " we're going to have to go to.. Ludarcris speed *gasp* Sir I don't know if the ship can take it, Whats the matter Chicken? Sir maybe you should buckle up, Ahh Buckle this, Ludacris speed GO!"

     And we're In Las Vegas,  Nevada! Thats right the city of hopes and dreams. My hotel was at the Excalibur, Very awsome I went all out on this one I gotten a suite, everything. I bought tickets to see the Blue man Group during my stay out there. That was Awsome! I was able to hang out with my older brother who lives in California I gave him a call to come to Vegas with his wife, I learned that my brother and his wife are big casino people too :) so they showed me to the "hot spots" off to the tables I went, and talk about lucky hand, royal flush! on Let it Ride. I must be super lucky when it comes to playing new table games, i turned my cards over and decided to stay, dealer flips an Ace of Clubs My eyes grew bigger and my heart pumped a little faster, He flips the next card over BOOM! baby! King of Clubs! I took my winnings and told the dealer " You are a great dealer!, and tipped him $100.00 I seen everything possible that there was to see, First Class treatment for a week straight New years came around and I couldn't have been happier, although I didn't recieve too many calls, I called my Dad, and brother to wish them Happy New Year. A couple days later it was time to pack up and head back home.

          Pictures are available and I will post some  of the better ones for your viewing pleasure. Well *snaps finger* (tiny moped appears in background) I'm off. *BZZZzzzzzzz* <--sound moped makes


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gluckliechzeschteine Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2006
you have some very beautiful stuff in here..
and you have amazing skills...
Javen Featured By Owner May 3, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Trina's your fav artist? Oh... harsh. :tears:
Javen Featured By Owner May 1, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
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spookycooky Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2004
AHH! I luv you Darrin!!! :hug: Everyone wants to hug you!
I miss ya!

...this is chels by the way ^^;
teenknitter Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2004

today's random hug of the day goes to....YOU!!!

dizzyTrizzee Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004  Student
Darrin! :glomp:
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