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About Seventh Ring

In 48 A.C. (After Contact), humanity has taken to the stars in an effort to allow their planet, New Earth, to regenerate after centuries of abuse, neglect, and torture. The planet managed to recover and currently provides its former inhabitants with enough to sustain their dwindling population in space, but the government refuses to allow a majority of its 8 million citizens to return. Laws and sanctions allow only the most wealthy and successful humans to descend upon the planet's surface, as they are the providers of food, water, clothing, and weapons. Their businesses keep the space stations that orbit New Earth alive, as well as protect them from alien races that wish to invade and steal the planet's resources for themselves.

It is on this reborn planet that our story takes place. A young Kazekian male is wrongfully entered into slavery after being arrested and shipped to the Intergalactic Agency Station (IAS) during a skirmish on his home planet of Kazek. He is cuffed and shipped across the stars, and later sold to a wealthy drudge owner named William West, who promptly renames him "Seven." While William's business is in growing crops to feed the stations that float just above the planet, he runs an illegal Drudge-fighting ring, code-named "Seventh Ring," below a steel barn on his property. It is there that Seven's survival skills are put to the test, as he is made to fight or risks being killed before he can ever have a chance at returning home.

Seventh Ring: Part 1 - Sold
Chapter 1: Sold
New Earth, 418 A.C. (After Contact)

"We'll start the bidding off at 100 credits!"
Ari shifted uncomfortably in her seat as the auction began. The fan she'd crafted out of the event's flier was starting to crumple  between her fingers and become less and less useful the faster she moved her arm. The heat of the sun above them was unbearable,  despite how early in the afternoon the auction was scheduled. It didn't help that the tight leather corset that hugged her middle was making it harder for her to breathe and shed the heat her body was emitting. A long, cream-colored dress  kept her legs hot while a wide, flowery bonnet  helped shield her pale face. She unlocked her ankles and shifted her weight in the hard wooden  chair near the auction's stage.
"Stop fidgeting, will you?" hissed the man beside her.
She obeyed and recrossed her legs without meeting his gaze. She didn't move again until the auctioneer shouted "sold!"
The object that was
Seventh Ring: Part 2 - Numbers
Chapter 2: Numbers
New Earth, 418 A.C. (After Contact)

"Bring the coach around back, Two," said William hastily to a tall, lanky alien standing beside a jet-black carriage. Two was one of William and Ari's longest owned aliens. He was also one of their most trusted, hence their allowing him to remain unchained and unsupervised with their carriage. They were certain of his loyalty to them and often left him in charge of simple tasks; like going to the market and cleaning around the house.
Two looked as though he had just stepped out of the 17th century. He was an older, stuffy-looking alien who had a small head, long  face, a large nose,  and big green eyes that always seemed to be looking down at everyone. He also had ears that were long like a goat's, but one could never tell, because he insisted on keeping them tied behind his head like a tiny ponytail. William chose him specifically for his snobby demeanor and snooty, high-end tastes. When
Seventh Ring: Part 3 - Formalities
Three was silent for a moment, making sure that William had put enough distance between them before he spoke. He was short by alien standards and quite stocky and square-shaped. His body was covered in a thick, leathery skin that was no doubt used to protect him from the harsh rays of his own planet's star. He appeared to be reptilian, but his face looked like a scaly bulldog. Two long teeth pointed straight up from his lower jaw and wrinkles sagged over his forehead, cheeks, and below his eyes. Three was clearly well-aged.
"So, they've reached as far as Kazek, huh?"  he asked curiously in a rough, dry voice. He tucked the dirty towel he'd been using into his back pocket and crossed his thick arms. His tattered, once-white shirt was covered in what looked like oil and red dirt beneath a tight pair of suspenders that stretched over his very broad shoulders. Seven looked at him fiercely, but it was obvious that Three was genuinely curious. "They don't tell us much 'round here.
Seventh Ring: Part 4 - Dinner
Five growled as he took a step closer to the others, but his hands unclenched and arms fell defeatedly to his sides. Seven shot him a look to be sure he was not planning another sudden attack, but brought his attention back to Three when he was certain Five was calm.
"Who exactly will I be fighting? These two?" Seven glanced down to Six, who shook his head quickly with a worried grin. Three seemed relieved to know that he had accepted his purpose for being there. He knew it would make the next few weeks much less painful on the young Kazekian, or so he hoped.
"No, these two fight in different classes, unless it's a group battle. Here, come with me." Three gestured with his hand for Seven to follow him as he spoke. Six assumed he was going to give a tour of the facility and bounced on ahead, leaving Five to stand and watch after them.
"This building was constructed a few years ago after William returned from a mission into space. He came home with a gleam in his eye and a plan and immed
Seventh Ring: Part 5 - Accidents
"Grab it! Grab it's tail! That's it, you've almost got it."
Seven's eyes flicked side to side as his small hands scrambled to grab the slippery tail of a salamander-like alien that kept trying to waddle away from him. He was crouched over a large hill of red rock that was currently the home of the wriggling reptile. It hissed each time it felt Seven's hands close around it. A slimy mess of fluid from its body pores leaked all over his attacker and the ground around them. It was a defense mechanism that worked very well against the young Kazekian.
His father's hearty laugh made Seven's brows lower as the alien reptile once again wriggled free, this time through the fingers of his small mechanical hand.
"Careful now, remember not to squeeze too hard. You must learn the strength of your hand and how to be firm without being too strong." Seven's father took a step closer just as his son pounced forward in pursuit of his prey.
"I can't get a good grip, it's too squishy!" Seven tried to be g
Seventh Ring: Part 6 - Welcoming
Seven did not see much of Ari in the days that followed his tour of the farm. William was off-planet, but kept him busy with chores and labor and any jobs where Three could use the extra muscle. Three theorized that it was William's way of "conditioning" him and getting him healthy and ready for his first fight when he returned from his business trip. His meals were often much larger than the other Drudges', a fact that they all noticed around dinner time when Two doubled Seven's portions right in front of them. Three warned Seven not to get too comfortable with such treatment, as he was certain the extra protein and carbohydrates were meant to bulk him up. Seven surely wasn't complaining. After starving himself for a couple of days after his unforgettable first meal on the farm, he finally came around when Three volunteered to try all of his food before he would touch it--an act the other Drudge was more than happy to do. The plan worked to reassure Seven and brought him back to trust

Mature Content

Seventh Ring: Part 8 - Employment
"Pass me those bandages."
"Keep him still, I'm almost done here."
" What..."
"He's moving too much! Keep his arm still."
"...what's happening...?"
"That's it, I got it. Now pass me the Regeneryn and some more sedative."
"Rest now. You'll make it."
Bird song filled the barn, making his ears twitch and eyes flutter open. The brightness of the sun was smothered by a dirty potato sack that had been nailed to the frame of his only window. Unfortunately, it did little to block out the heat. With a groan, Seven turned his head to look over his right shoulder from his mattress on the straw-covered floor. His eyes took a moment to focus on the slender, straight-backed figure that stood in the doorway to his stable room in the Drudge's barn.
"Who...?" he said groggily before trying to slowly sit up.
"I would not recommend you move just yet. Those bandages need to be changed and your wounds need more time to heal." The
Seventh Ring: Part 9 - Deja Vu
“These wounds have healed up quite nicely.” Two lifted Seven's real arm and dabbed a glowing glob of green goo just below his ribs where a large, deep gash had been.
“No kidding. I've never healed so quickly from a fight before. What is that stuff?” Seven lowered his arm as Two screwed the lid back on the small bottle. The ointment burned at first, then felt cool and tingly.
“It's called Regeneryn. As the name suggests, it's an extremely powerful regeneration component that only the elite have access to. While it's most typically found in the homes of those that are far older than William, he likes to use it to keep his fighters in good health. And of course, keep them fighting more frequently since the heal time is so quick. That's why he expects you to be back in the Ring in seven days.” Two placed the bottle of ointment in a shoulder bag he primarily used to carry all of his supplies. It looked like a medical supply bag that a medic would sport on
Seventh Ring: Part 10 - Escort
“He's fading again. The poison's spreading fast.”
Seven repositioned Three's arm over his shoulder as he carefully led him out of the woods and back into the wide, grassy yard just outside of William's house. His jaw tightened as Three's weight fell entirely on him as the older alien dipped out of consciousness with a miserable groan.
“Go get Two,” said Seven when Six joined his side. He'd just lifted Three's other arm as if to try and bear some of his weight, but Seven thought it better to send him ahead for help. Six's wide round eyes were filled with worry for his fallen comrade. His pupils dilated as he examined the large, sticky tail barb that was embedded in Three's meaty forearm. Blood and poison oozed around the entry point, prompting Six to move faster than ever back to the house.
“Hang on Three, we're almost there,” grunted Seven as he plodded forward.
As Seven began to cross the yard, he noticed that Three's other side had suddenly become
Seventh Ring: Part 11 - Worlds
"Are you ready?"
Seven had just wiped beads of sweat from his dirtied brow with the back of his hand when he heard the familiar voice of Ari. Each day, at the same time every morning, she came by the small construction site where he and Lucas had been working to build the new workshop beside the house. It had taken them three days to complete the framework and lay the foundation of the shop according to Lucas' designs, and now, they were busy mixing concrete.
A humid, stifling summer heat had set in over the past day, which slowed down their work considerably and forced them to work late into the evenings when the weather was more hospitable. Seven did not mind the longer hours, but it was putting an obvious drain on Lucas. He noticed that the human was not moving with as much excited zest as he was a few days ago when the project first began. He was less patient, sluggish, and noticeably stressed. Perhaps now was a good time for a break.
Ari stood quietly in the bare, wooden door fram
Seventh Ring: Part 12 - Storm
The days that followed Gabby's visit were much of the same. Each morning, Ari met Seven for breakfast while Lucas continued to work on the shop. After delivering Marge's meal and inhaling his own, Seven explained more of his world to the curious human girl who seemed so fascinated with him and the place he called home. He had to admit that he was starting to look forward to speaking with her each morning, as she always had new questions, and he was able to appreciate his world more and more. While it still made him homesick to think about, it also served as a reminder as to why he needed to escape William's farm. With as involved as their conversations often became, he was ever vigilant for the Cerasaurs that had seemingly vanished into the woods. And despite his feeling guilty of the impending danger the creatures posed to the farm and its inhabitants, he was beginning to worry they may never return.
Large, puffy cotton ball clouds rolled through the sapphire sky as the morning sun co
Seventh Ring: Part 13 - Escape
Rain droplets trickled down the leaves of the trees like an obedient army of ants returning to their nest. The storm had passed and the air had cooled considerably as the day drew to a close. Birds flew quickly over the farm, calling to one another as they searched for safe places to sleep in the forest. The distant drum of thunder was gradually replaced by the songs of crickets and insects preparing for the dawning of the night.
The warm, yellow lights of the house illuminated the farmyard just beyond the windows as Seven strolled by them with a tray in his hand. It was his turn to deliver dinner to his fellow Drudges. After his discovery of the Cerasaur and hunt through the forest earlier in the day, he had returned with Lucas and immediately joined him to help him finish the workshop. After a quick jump in the creek and change of pants, of course.
Lucas was now resting inside with Ari and Reece at the dinner table; no doubt kicking back with a drink in his hand after an exhausting w

Mature Content

Seventh Ring: Part 15 - Paint
The day had come and gone and the sun was already beginning to set by the time Seven finally stirred. A dry, stiff tongue was what finally woke him, as it had been ages since he had anything to drink other than dirty water that collected at his feet at the bottom of the Hole. Slowly, his eyes opened, but he could not make out the strange shapes of the objects stacked on the floor in front of him. He blinked to clear the sleep and dirt from his eyes, all the while trying to summon the strength to sit up. His body ached from the beating he had received from Reece before his descent into the Hole. Sleeping on a hard dirt floor that was dusted with only hay also did not help.
With a labored groan, he forced himself up. His hands met his face as his palms massaged the flesh of his cheeks and brow. Everything hurt, especially the long, raw burns that collected around his collar. His prolonged sleep had helped to rest his mind, but his body would need a few additional days to recover. As his
Seventh Ring: Part 16 - Shifter
"So where did the Kazekian come from?"
Four's tone was not the quiet, timid voice that Ari was accustomed to hearing from him and was instead spiced with hostility and blame. It made both Ari and Two feel uneasy while they prepared lunch, but Two decided to speak up first.
"He is a new addition to the farm and was recently acquired via the auction house. He has been aptly named 'Seven,' just for future reference and premeditated scorn." Ari was impressed by Two's subtle defense towards Seven's mention, though she sensed something else was going on.
"Does William even realize how bad of an idea that was to buy a Kazekian? How did he get all the way to New Earth from Kazek, anyway?" Four glared out the window of the kitchen at Seven, who sat at the Drudge's table --really just a dilapidated picnic bench--with his back towards the house. He was talking and laughing with Three and seemed to be in a pretty good mood despite all he had been through the past three days. Four growled under his
Seventh Ring: Part 17- Ticket
Seven sat quietly in his cell and watched the Vesuleum rush through the thick tubes of his cybernetic arm. Just beyond the bars in front of him was the blood-soaked sands of the Ring. With each crushing sound of a Drudge's bones and with each cry of agony that echoed through the walls of his cell, the Vesuleum seemed to grow brighter and pump faster.
William had given him no indication of when it would be his turn to fight. All he had to go on was the sounds of victory, defeat, and the slamming of the cell doors around him that signaled a fighter was either being released, or, sent back if they were victorious. Seven lifted his eyes from examining his arm and looked out from the shadows as another Drudge fell. The defeated alien had been young and inexperienced, like a blind puppy thrown into a pit with a frustrated tiger. Seven was not surprised that he had lost.
The victor was escorted back to his cell on the opposite side of the Ring by a Drudge who looked similar to Two, at least i
Seventh Ring: Part 18 - Upgrade
Six shot into the air like a startled cat when he heard the sudden popping sound of Seven's arm. He had stopped to take a break from his training with Six to work on some repairs. The look on Six's face said it was not going well.
“Is it supposed to make that sound?” Six slinked his way over to Seven on all fours while his small, cat-like nose went to work on sniffing the air. Each time the Kazekian's arm made a sound, Six visibly jumped, but continued his slow approach.
“Probably not. I'm trying to tighten this rotor here, but I can't reach it.” Six's pupils grew nearly as large as his irises as he examined the area that Seven was trying to reach. It was deep within the rods and hydraulic cylinders of his cybernetic forearm.
“Want me to get it?” Six lifted his small hands and clapped his finger tips together in a crab-like motion. Seven assumed this was an attempt at trying to convince him that it was a good idea, but it did little to help reassure

Mature Content

Seventh Ring: Part 20 - Threats
"I need you to do me a favor."
Two, who had been diligently polishing a set of dark brown shoes, paused long enough to stare at Seven with his large, round eyes. His normally criticizing expression faded to one of unamused curiosity as he waited for the Kazekian to speak.
"You going to Culler's today?" The older alien nodded. "I need you to buy something for me." He held his Credicard out to Two, who gave him a slightly suspicious look before slowly taking it.
In the last two months since Seven had arrived, he had never asked for anything from Culler's. The sudden request surprised Two, though it barely showed in his apathetic expression.
Two set his newly polished shoes upon the ground. Seven watched him carefully twist the small metal lid back onto his jar of polish, then fold the rag he had used to buff the shoes into some semblance of a shine. Seven had a feeling they were his only pair, as he took great care of them and tried to make them look newer than they actually were. But th

Mature Content

Mature Content


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